Simple Fields: 6 new field types for you to play with

Yep, after like half a year without any updates my super fantastic fields plugin for WordPress is back with some new cool stuff for you to play with.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 6 new field types. Yes. Six! More details about those below.
  •  It’s now possible to hide the built in editor in WordPress. Great for custom post types that may consist of only fields from Simple Fields
  • The file field now has an edit link. Yes. finally. super easy to edit an attachment.
  • TinyMCE/the HTML editor now remembers stuff line breaks. Oh, that was annoying in the run when it didn’t, wasn’t it.
  • A field group, or just a field, can have a description. Much wanted feature from you users out there.

For a more complete list of what’s changed please see the full changelog.

Partly sponsored by web agency Plucera

The development of some of these new fields have been made possible thanks to support from the Swedish web agency Plucera. Thanks a lot guys!

New field types

Fields is what this plugin is about, so that’s why I’ve added six more of them. So let’s take a look at the new field types then:

screenshot showing examples of the new field types in simple fields

“Post” field type

Let you select a post, from posts, pages or any custom post type.


Let you choose a taxonomy (not terms) from all registered taxonomies.

Taxonomy term

Choose a term from a taxonomy.


Use a color picker to select any color.


Use a date picker to select any date.


Select any user in the system.


Finally: please remember that I’ve spent like a zillion hours developing this plugin, so if you like it, please donate or at least write a nice blog post or tweet about it. Okidoki?

CMS Tree Page View: nag-free update to celebrate more than 100,000 downloads

Yes, it’s true: I’ve had more than 100,00 downloads of my WordPress plugin CMS Tree Page View.

That a pretty cool number I think.

The plugin has also recieved 123 ratings with an average of 4.53 stars out of 5 possible.

That’s also pretty cool!

So, as a thank you to all you users of the plugin out there, I have decided to remove the “please support the author”-nag from the plugin.

This change will make the plugin look even more discrete and it will fit even better on a client installation of WordPress.

I do however still accept donations and nothing will make me more happy.

Create multiple pages at once with the latest update to Admin Menu Tree Page View

I am very happy with my plugin Admin Menu Tree Page View. It’s actually the plugin I use the most in WordPress when working with sites that are built with pages.

There was however one thing that I was missing: the ability to create multiple pages at once. This was especially annoying when setting up the structure for a new site, when I sometimes need to create like 10-15 pages as childs to another page. So I spent last weekend coding the latest version of this lovely little plugin and you can see the result below:

Screenshot showing the add-multiple-pages-at-once-feature of the Admin Menu Tree Page View plugin for WordPress

I really, really, really (yes, really!) like this new feature. What do you think?

FourSquare Recent Checkins is my latest WordPress-plugin/widget

I wanted to show the latest checkins that I’ve done on FourSquare here on my blog. And since none of the existing plugins for WordPress worked the way I wanted to I created a new plugin myself. It’s a quick hack but it seems to work pretty good.

You can find the plugin here:

FourSquare Recent Checkins

And once activated and configurated it looks something like this: