WPML-compatible version of CMS Tree Page View now available for testing

The last week I’ve been busy modifying my plugin CMS Tree Page View to make it work together with the WPML-plugin, a plugin that let you translate the contents of your site.

As some of you know, my plugin show a tree (like in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder) with all the pages in your site. In this tree you can quickly use expand/collapse to show sub-pages and you can drag-and-drop to change the order or to move pages. To cut it short: It’s page management simplified!

Before this update all the pages belonging to all different languages where mixed together in the tree. With this update however you can now select between all the languages configured in WPML, so the tree will only show one language at a time. I think WPML and CMS Tree Page View both are great plugins and what could be better than both plugins working fine together? 🙂

I am releasing this beta version of CMS Tree Page View so you brave WPML-users out there can test it and report any bugs to me before I upload it to wordpress.org. Download the beta version here: http://bit.ly/c2kmdf and report any bugs to me at par.thernstrom@gmail.com.

And now for a little bonus feature: this beta version of CMS Tree Page View can also show custom post types – a much asked for feature.

Here is a screenshot showing both the WPML-functions and the custom post type in action:

..and support for custom post types!

Good start for my CMS-enhancing plugins for WordPress

Recently I released my first WordPress plugin “CMS Tree Page View” to help manage WordPress installations with many pages, mostly seen on “CMS-like” installations/websites.

So far CMS Tree Page View have had nearly 6.000 downloads, and my introductory screencast have had almost 2.500 views on YouTube. I have also recieved an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from users. Just look at these wonderful quotes that I have revieved in blog comments or through Twitter:

“Wonderful plugin that makes handling pages in WP much much easier.”


“Oh my Goodness, I needed this plug in so bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“I love this plugin”

“What a great plugin! Works like charm …”

“Awesome plugin.”

“Awesome! Thank you, CMS Tree Page View is a huge help in organizing “

“Extremely useful for large sites.”

Personaly I must say that I no longer can use WordPress without CMS Tree Page View. I simply depend on it! It’s just that good,  that simple, and that effective. A cornerstone in any WordPress CMS installation for me in the future.

Shortly thereafter – but after a lot of work – I released my second plugin “Simple Fields” to further extend the CMS capabilities of  WordPress. Simple Fields gives WordPress the ability to add almost any kind of content to a single post. Just as with CMS Tree Page View, I can no longer use WordPress without this plugin. Yes, it’s just that good too! 🙂

So far Simple Fields have had nearly 600 downloads and I have received pretty much positive feedback. Not as much as with CMS Tree Page View, but I think that’s OK: Simple Fields is a far more complex plugin, targeted at advanced users, and it requires WordPress 3. So when WordPress 3 is released I expect the number of users and downloads to raise.

Anyway, with this blog post I just want to say “thank you” to all you users out there who download my plugins and give me me positive feedback. You make me wanna keep on doing this! 🙂

Code playground äntligen uppdaterad

Äntligen har jag tagit tag i mina sidor i och under Code Playground. Alla program som tidigare låg under /software/ ligger nu under /code-playground/ istället och istället för att jag behöver ändra sidorna manuellt i HTML så ändrar jag dom nu direkt i WordPress istället. Inte för att det lär göra att Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer från 2005 blir särskilt oftare uppdaterad. Men ändå.

En stor och bra nyhet har jag dock på programfronten: CMS Tree Page View. En görbra plugin till WordPress för att förenkla sidhanteringen. Mer info om den – inklusive en trendig screencast – kommer i ett senare inlägg.