Simplify your WordPress CMS-site with my new “Simple Front End Edit Buttons” plugin

When you have a WordPress powered website – that is not just a blog – you often have several pages in some kind of hierarchy. These pages are usually sorted manually by entering a number in edit-page-screen within WordPress.

Manually ordering pages can be a boring and time-consuming task, and it’s difficult to see the result of your editing. And adding a new page somewhere in the middle of a list of pages can be almost horrifying!

After developing web sites using WordPress now for a while, I got really tired of this so I decided to do something about it. The solution: a brand new plugin that adds easy to use move-this-post-up-or-down-icons to the front end of your website (but only if you’re an admin, of course). So instead of entering the edit page for a page you can just click a button and immediately see the result.

Screenshot of WordPress Plugin "simple front end edit buttons", showing a list of pages with edit-icons next to each headline. The mouse pointer is over one of the button and a yellow text bubble says "Move post/article down".

The plugin is available now from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

It’s a definite time-saver. Try it out if you don’t believe me!

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