CMS Tree Page View

CMS Tree Page View is a WordPress plugin that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS. This page tree gives you a great overview over all your pages and you can use the page tree to quickly drag-and-drop your pages to change their order. 

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Plugin Features

  • View and organize pages in a simple to use tree view
  • Available both on it’s own page and on the dashboard
  • Edit pages directly from the tree
  • Add pages at any place in the tree
  • Drag and drop to rearrange your pages
  • Search pages
  • See all pages  – including private and drafts – or just publicly available pages

This plugin is for admin use only. If you’re looking for a plugin are visible on the public side of your website, for your visitors, then check out my other WordPress-plugin Simple Navigation.

Screenshots of CMS Tree Page View

269 thoughts on “CMS Tree Page View

  1. This plugin is fantastic! I’ve seen it used in other sites I admin. It was great if I’m logged in as admin, but it seems to break the pages basic lists for editors. This page is blank (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page) for editors.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

  2. I like the plugin but it now breaks Advanced Custom Fields by adding tree view to the ACF menu. Just noticed with new install of WP3.8.1 (was OK with earlier one). Hope you can sort this. Causes a 404 for a non existent file in admin.

  3. Great plugin!
    There is this css definition: .cms_tpv_wrapper { margin-right: 250px; }
    This produces ugly line breaks of the links above the tree in the dashboard… Is there any necessity for this definition?

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  6. Great plugin. FYI – there’s an issue with sorting in page view on the latest version of WordPress – 3.9.

    • I am having the same issue. I am trying to sort my pages in the tree, so it will be nice and orderly for my client, but it gets mixed up after ordering and then moving to another page in the admin. FRUSTRATION!

  7. Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /h/contactjobsmartb/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/cms-tree-page-view/functions.php on line 1831

  8. Fantastic plugin, which has been working great for years. With the latest update and WP 3.9.1, the menu at Pages > Tree View now fails to load. Only “Loading tree” is displayed. Oddly enough, the tree still loads on the Dashboard just fine.

  9. great work – i recommend this to everyboy who uses worpress – especially on sites with nested structures and lot’s of pages. This extrem usefull plugin makes maintaining a site extremly easier and make work more fun. Thank’s a lot

  10. hey, I’d love to use your plugin but all it shows is an alphabetical list of the pages / posts (on both the dashboard and the dedicated pages). Running WP 4.0.

    Any ideas…? should i try switching off other plugins or changing themes or something?


  11. I am lost. plugin works fine from admin view, but how can I add the same tree view for user to view. Any hint? Is this possible? Your answer would by of help to your potential clients. Thank you

  12. Hi, I’ve been using and loving the plugin for a few years, thank you. Since upgrading to 4.1 I’ve been having intermittent problems where within the tree, subfolders disappear and then I’ll be kicked off the site and forced to log in again. It looks to be a conflict with the plugin and 4.1. Is anyone else experiencing the problem? thanks!

  13. Hey, I installed this the other day and loved it. But now, for some unknown reason I’m noticing that the menu button for it only shown up on my primary site and one child site. Nothing was changed since install, I had been using it on the child site that it does work on. But now that I’m on a different site in my multisite network it does not show up at all.

    Also the “Settings” button doesn’t work either. /wp-admin/network/options-general.php?page=cms-tpv-options it goes to a page not found screen.

    Can you please help me get this working on the other child sites?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I do not think it is a plugin conflict because one of the child site that it does not work on has no plugins active except the same ones that are active network wide (including the two sites the plugin is working on).

    Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Hey Pär,

    Great plugin. In fact, you might consider doing a premium (paid) version. I’d gladly buy a premium version to have these features:

    – > Page > Edit OR > View … opening in a new tab. Since I’m constantly going back to CMS Tree Page View to find my way around my huge site, using this feature for opening pages would save a lot of time. I’d leave CMS Tree Page View open all the time and navigate my entire site from there.
    – Tree view of Product pages, by category. I have so many categories and products that the current flat CMS Page Tree View presentation isn’t very useful.
    – Media library by category. Same thing. Sooo many images… it would be great to see them in a tree directory. I’d make my directory mimic my page tree. Super helpful.

    Again, these are productivity tools I’d pay for.

    As it is CMS Page Tree View is a very good plugin. Thanks for that.


  15. Hi! We are quite happy with this plugin but need a solution for multi-site installs. What we’re needing specifically is a way to set the settings for all subsites within a network. It’s available to all the subsites, but has to be configured manually, which is unwieldy for our 3000+ sites.

    Would you consider adding a way to set the settings for all subsites at the network or main site level?

  16. Hi,

    Plugin is great, I offer some suggestions in to make easy life for WPML other languages such as arabic(or other hard language chinese). I dont know arabic, but I made some improvements to script to show me (EN: version translation) next to original language.
    Here is my peace of code in functions.php 1485 line:

    $str_columns = json_encode($str_columns);
    if (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE != ‘en’) {
    $original_ID = icl_object_id( $onePage->ID, ‘any’, false, ‘en’ );
    $original_title = get_the_title( $original_ID );
    $en_translation = ‘ (EN: ‘.$original_title.’)’;
    $en_translation = ”;
    "data": {
    "title": <?php echo json_encode($title.$en_translation) ?>,

  17. I need to add this line to styles.css file each time when new version comes:

    #dashboard-widgets-wrap {
    /* Fix window not visible at the end */
    overflow: visible;

    Can you include it in the source please?

  18. hallo 🙂

    where exactly insert this code:

    // Example using query_posts
    $args = array(
    ‘post_type’ => ‘page’,
    ‘orderby’=> ‘menu_order’,
    $posts = query_posts($args);

    // Example using wp_query
    $args = array(
    ‘post_type’ => ‘page’,
    ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’,
    ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,
    $query = new WP_Query( $args );


  19. Seems like this plug-in is not under further development? What has to be done to get it updated? ?

  20. @Pär Thernström, I have a suggestion for the Plug-In. I would like to add a virtual folder to the tree, under which I can then group posts. Right now, I have to create an EMPTY post to make a “tree” under it. Does that make sense?

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