Simple Fields – Powerful Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress

Simple Fields for WordPress let you add groups of fields to your edit posts page. It’s a more advanced and better alternative to the built in custom fields in WordPress.

Development version

If you want to try out the latest development version you can find the development version of Simple Fields  at GitHub. There you can also submit bug reports and feature requests.

Simple Fields Features

  • For a quick intro please check out my introductory blogpost “Simple Fields is WordPress Custom Fields on Steroids“.
  • Add textboxes, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and file browser to the post admin area
  • Much easier for the user than regular custom fields
  • Group fields together into logical groups. For example combine File + Name + Description into a an Attachments-group.
  • Use “repeatable” field groups to add many any amount of field groups to a single post – great for images or attachments!
  • Use drag and drop to change order of added repeatable groups
  • Different post types can use different field groups – actually you can even use different field groups even for same post type
  • Nice GUI that looks like the rest of WordPress

Screenshots of Simple Fields

173 thoughts on “Simple Fields – Powerful Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress

    • Indeed there is! It’s on my todo list, but I don’t know when I will have the time to finish it. But please hang in there! 🙂

  1. Simple fields repeatable field groups | Bobz's playground

  2. Hello Pär, loving the plugin!

    I`m still a WordPress and PHP noob, but is it possible to add multiple groups of fields to a single page or post? To use the screenshots above that you made as examples, if I decide to make a new post with a slideshow, is it possible to add both Attachments and Slideshow groups of fields to the post? I suspect it isn`t, but I just want to make sure.

    Thanks for all your great work!

    • Somewhat embarrassing, since the solution was so obvious, but I hear the best questions are the ones one can answer themselves. 😛

      So I figured out that it`s indeed possible; provided someone else has the same question: they just need to be added from within the Post Connector details.

  3. Great plugin!

    I’m having real trouble with the image / file selector. The regular uploader gui goes up, I upload my file, I press “use this”, but then.. nothing.

    Do you use any special libs that wordpress doesnt that I should talk to my host about? Or am I just not 3117 enough?

    • Hm.. It should work. It does for me anyway!
      If you trust me you can send me login to the site so I can take a look at it. If you trust a fellow swedish that is.. 🙂

      • (It can – of course – also be due to the fact that you’re not cool enough. I should write that down in the FAQ…)

  4. Great Plugin! However how would I go about making text fields work with short codes? I guess I have to apply a filter but I’m not sure how. Please advice.

    My code:

    $team_email = simple_fields_get_post_value($related_post->ID, array(1, 1), true);
    echo “$team_email”;

    How would I filter this to work with the shortcode I’ve put in the writepanel?

    • You should do something like this to make shortcodes work:

      $content = …text from simple fields…;
      $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $content);
      $content = str_replace(‘]]>’, ‘]]>’, $content);
      echo $content;

  5. Hi there, If i could make a one suggestion. In the admin
    area, when creating a simple field there are 2 things: 1. Name 2.
    Type It would be maybe nice to have also “Description field” which
    would then show up only in admin area telling webmaster a little
    hint about what to put in that field. (Similar like when you show
    custom field keys, right below name of custom field) Why, because
    i’m not developing site for myself, and i think it would be useful.
    For example if i have image field: Name: Thumbnail image Desc:
    Thumbnail for article preview, must be 150x150px BR Vlado

  6. Do you have an API for this plugin? So it can be included directly into a theme without having to present the UI to any WP users? This would be really useful for theme developers.

    • No API right now. But any theme developers that want this functionalty are welcome to contact me. If it turns out there is an interest I might consider it.

  7. There seems to be a small problem.

    I have create a repeatable field. In the post, when I try to order them by dragging the field up or down, the vertical browser starts increasing and I can see a lot of blank space being created below and the field is not dragged.

    Can’t figure out that what could be wrong.

  8. First of all thank you for this great plugin!

    All of the tutorials are clear and easy to understand but I have a problem with something that wasn’t described in any of them.

    I’m trying to add icons depending on the file type uploaded through simple fields, but have no idea how to get mime type. Do you have any idea how to check if a file added to a post via plugin is pdf, doc or other format?

    I know how to do it with attachment, following this tutorial but still no idea how to do it with simple fields.

  9. Adding a field for jquery datepicker and colorpicker would be a great option. Let me know if I can fund these additions. Thanks.

  10. This plugin really saved me… Except for one thing.

    When I try to upload an image, I don’t see any “use this” button, or anything that points to a way to actually use the file.

    It’s really late, and I’ve been working forever, so I might be missing something.. Any help would be appreciated.

    The plug in overall is really killer though.


    • After firebuging a bit, I noticed that the JavaScript in the media uploader was hiding (display:none) the “use as featured image” link… It still didn;t work, but I can’t figure out what it’s doing that…


  11. Hello Pär,

    I am using the plugin..but not getting the way, how to show the values of ‘select’ tags and the images.

    Like I want to show value of selected city and uploaded image on the front-end.
    Please help me…how to show that.


    • I am using this code to show the selected value or input value:
      $selected_value=”;$selected_value = get_post_meta(get_the_id(), “_simple_fields_fieldGroupID_1_fieldID_2_numInSet_0”, true); echo “City: “.$selected_value.””;

      but its showing ” City: dropdown_num_3″ on front-end

  12. Hello to all!!
    I am trying to use the upload field, i click to “select file”, a popup opens, then i select the file to be uploaded, but after that nothing happens… the file has been uploaded correctly (i checked the file in the upload folder) but something goes wrong, it does’nt appears in the media list, nothing is inserted in the “WP_POSTS” db table…

    Someone can help me?

    Thank you 🙂

    Anyway, thank you Pär for the awesome plugin!!!

  13. Hi there!

    First of all thank you for this great piece of code!

    I’d just like to know one thing though – Is it possible to use multiple Field groups on one(!) page?
    Like, one Field group for a slideshow (Repeatable) and another one for some theme options or another header visual for instance.


    • Yes, you can use multiple field groups on a single page. Just create your field groups and then connect all of them to a post connector and use that connector on a post and – tada!

      Good luck!

      • Hey Pär,

        thanks for your reply!

        Well, yeah, maybe it was just too obvious to connect all the field groups to a post connector – Makes sense of course! 😀

        Works like a charm now. Your plugin rocks! Again, thank you so much.


  14. Hi Pär

    Your plugin is ideal for our purpose.

    I just need to find out if it is possible to manually edit the meta key names to something more suitable for us?

    Thank you.


  15. Simple Fields Review – Best Wordpress Plugins

  16. Hi,

    Let me ask a question in a different way 🙂
    Shopp plugin use custom post types in some different way, so when i create custom fields with your plugin, i cannot connect them with shopp post-type.
    Post type is: shopp_page_shopp-products, but i dont see it when i create a connector.

    Is there a way to create connector in functions.php ?

    Thanks in advanced


  17. Great plugin, just got it working on my site and its exactly what we were looking for but… as always there is a feature that would be great to have 😉

    For the repeatable field groups would it be possible to add a “key” field so that you can give each instance of a field group a unique name and then when you return back an array all all the repeatable field groups, you could pull out the correct instance by the key. The reason being that we have multiple blocks of content on a page (not displayed in a sequential list) that all have the same required fields but when you add an field group via the repeater it is added to the top of the list and all the ids of the previous field groups increase by one, which is fine as long as you then move the new field group instance to the bottom but it just leaves room for things to get muddled up. Anyway a key would avoid possible mishaps!

    Thanks Rob

  18. Hey everyone !

    Am using simple fields plugin for some time now, it is working fine, however i noticed a little problem.

    I set up a specific select file for image upload, it is working allright when i go through image library and use, for exemple the images available on first page.

    HOWEVER, when i use the “search” function to look for a specific image, when i click on insertion button, the image does not go to custom field but straight to the main content area of the article :/

    Is it a bug ? Something that could be corrected ? If so, how … ? : )

    Thanks a lot,


  19. Hello! Thank you for this amazing plugin!

    I noted 9 months ago you stated at wordpress support you would stop using googlecode for jquery ui. It seems to still be being used.

    As of this week it has been totally killing my dashboard again with 15 second stalls.

    Could I beseech you to please pretty please make the switch?

    Thank you!


  20. This is how to use simplefields for download links

    <?php $selected_values = simple_fields_get_post_group_values(get_the_id(), "simplefields group name", false,2);
    foreach($selected_values as $value){;
    echo '’ .( $value[1] ). ”;
    echo ‘‘.( $value[3] ).’‘;

    what’s going on here?
    This is a simplefields repeatable group which consists of a download title such as “download our brochure below”, a download title which is the actual link text and a link to the attachment.

    the 3 values are the meta data which simple fields generates.
    value 1 is a text field
    value 2 is a file upload
    value 3 is a text field

    Additionally, separate from simplefields, you can add file icons by using css code similar to this
    a[href$=’.doc’], a[href$=’.DOC’], a[href$=’.docx’], a[href$=’.DOCX’] {
    background:transparent url(/images/MIcrosoft-icon.png) center left no-repeat;

    This will add icons next to your links without the need for javascript.
    I get alot of resources from the internet and I am extremely grateful for those who write and share code. I hope this helps others.

  21. Is there a way, to enable picking past dates at the date-field?
    That would help me a lot. Great plugin by the way — exept the ugly datepicker. Shall I send you german language files?

  22. Hello is it possible to get the search results in xml (because i need the response data in xml as well)
    I’m going to hire someone to code an app, and he wrote.
    “But I will need a web service that will provide response based on the search query request from mobile. Response data can be either in xml or json.”

  23. Love your plugin and use it on almost every website I build!

    However, there seems to be some problem that might be related to version 3.3 of WordPress:

    I have a Field Group with a “File” type field. But when I’m trying to select a file from the Media Library the button to “Select Image” doesn’t show?

    Thanks in advance!


  24. I cannot open any of the tabs in my post page .. I just upgraded to WP 3.3.1 Is there something I need to do? Is there a update avail for this plugin?

  25. Hello,

    Thank you kindly for this wonderful plugin. I stopped using it when I upgraded to 3.3.1 but now see you have an update. I installed the update but when I try to +Add field it jumps to the top of the page and doesn’t do anything. It reacts like an anchor link.

    If anyone knows a fix please please share. Thank you again.

  26. datepicker didn’t work in 3.3.2 but after those changes it did for me..

    wp_enqueue_script(“jscolor”, EASY_FIELDS_URL . “jscolor/jscolor.js”); // color picker for type color
    // wp_enqueue_script(“date”, EASY_FIELDS_URL . “datepicker/date.js”); // date picker for type date
    // wp_enqueue_script(“jquery-datepicker”, EASY_FIELDS_URL . “datepicker/jquery.datePicker.js”); // date picker for type date
    // wp_enqueue_style(‘jquery-datepicker’, EASY_FIELDS_URL.’datepicker/datePicker.css’, false, EASY_FIELDS_VERSION);

    – $(‘input.simple-fields-field-type-date’).datePicker(simple_fields_datepicker_args);
    + $(‘input.simple-fields-field-type-date’).datepicker(simple_fields_datepicker_args);

  27. Search Simple Fields » WordPress AddOns

  28. Hello, I have read your tutorial and followed your instructions, however it is not completely working.

    It shows up on the post edit page in admin, but does not show up on the post in the frontend / on website.

    Why do you think it’s doing this?

    Thanks in advanced!

  29. Hi, I want to show my repeatable field file for show all my uploaded images. Now I use: $file_id = simple_fields_value(‘image_repeater’);
    $image_info = wp_get_attachment_image_src($file_id, “full”);
    $image_url = $image_info[0];

    echo “”;

    How can I show all the images inside the array?

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