Sommarpill på gav 4 nya funktioner – och 1 ny sajt

Som en av utvecklarna av text-tv-sajten har jag passat på att lägga en del av min semesterlediga tid på att vidareutveckla sajten.

Flera nya funktioner på

Under sommaren har jag t.ex. lyckats få ihop följande fiffiga funktioner:

  • Breadcrumbs på en majoritet av sidorna.
    Gör så att förhållandet mellan sidorna blir mer tydligt, och den gör även det lättare att navigera uppåt i hierarkin. Mer info här:
  • Ny sida med de mest delade artiklarna/sidorna.
    Ett bra sätt för att se vad som är och varit intressant för text-tv-besökarna.
    Mer info:
  • Lista med de senast uppdaterade nyhetssidorna och sportsidorna.
    Ett snabbt och enkelt sätt att se vad som är nytt på text tv. Efter att ha använt funktionen under en tid nu så många jag jag säga att jag gillar den mycket!
    Mer info:
  • Fixat så ett meddelande dyker upp när en nyare version av en sida finns tillgänglig.
    Den här funktionen känner ni säkert igen från Twitter: när du har en sida uppe så kontrollerar sidan med regelbundna intervall om det finns en nyare version av sidan (eller sidorna om du tittar på flera sidor samtidigt) och finns det så blir du meddelat om det. Galet bra funktion om jag får säga det själv. Extra poäng för att det är en funktion som inte märks förrän du behöver den liksom. Extra användbart på text tv sidan 377 och liknande.
    Mer info:


Best of SVT Text med det bästa från SVT Text

Sist och kanske minst så har jag även lagt upp sajten där jag + vänner postar det knasigaste och roligaste och det mest intressanta från text tv helt enkelt. Ibland behöver guldkornen lyftas upp lite :)

Så. Där hade vi sommarpillet.

memcachy: a WordPress object cache for people who don’t know if they use memcache or memcached

If you want to speed up your WordPress site you should use object caching. A popular solution is to install a Memcached server and an object cache class that talks to that server.

A big problem is however that there are two PHP extensions that are used to talk to the memcached server. And they are named memcache and memcached. Confusing? Oh yeah. I’ve spent a full day sometimes installing one of them, just to realize it was the wrong one.

And sometimes your local server is using memcached, but the live server is using memcache. It’s hopeless!

So I built a simple object cache that automagically detects what extension is installed, and loads the correct object cache based on that. Simple. Useful.

You can download memcachy over at github:

Simple History “Quick diff” – a super efficient way to see post changes in WordPress

Update april 28, 2015: This feature is now available since version 2.0.29 of the plugin. Download here.

As the developer of the Simple History plugin for WordPress, I do use it a lot myself too. And one of the most common messages I see on my sites are this one:


While it’s great to see what’s going on inside a site, the lack of context and detail of this message have bothered me for some time now. Sure, someone updated a post, but what changes was made?

So I thought of this for a while, and finally came up with the concept of Quick Diff:

Quick Diff: your daily time saver


Quick Diff is a very simple and efficient way to quickly see what’s been changed in a post. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like:

  • it’s a diff that shows the differences between a post and its previous version
  • it’s small and quick because it does not show all the text of the post – just the parts that have been changed

Unlike most other activity tracking plugins, Simple History have always given you more than just the basic info. And with this latest update it will finally be more easy than ever before to follow the updates of a site.

Quick Diff will be available in the next version of Simple History that should be released in the next days. Stay tuned!

Simple History: 50,000 downloads + preview of v2

This week my WordPress plugin Simple History passed 50,000 downloads.It feels great to see that there is an interest in this type of plugin.Also, by looking at the reviews, I know that the users of it find it very useful.

Actually, one of the most happy users of the plugin is… me!

Yep, I develop the plugin, but I also use it a lot. I install it on most client sites, where it helps me keep track of plugin installs, post updates, and similar. When a client contacts us to let us know something is broken or wrong with their site, we can usually track down the problem fast by going through the site activity using Simple History. It’s a real time-saver!

Anyway, the current version of the plugin works good and looks pretty good too. There are however several aspects of the plugin that could and should be improved. Memory usage is one big thing. Extendability another. And looks a third. So slowly, quietly, I’ve been working on a version 2 of the plugin, that will improve these things, and more.

It may be far from complete, but to celebrate 50,000 downloads I want to share some details of the next version with you:

First we have the looks. Version 2 of the plugin is nicer and clearer…

Screenshot of Simple History 2

…and is shows more information (context) about an event where needed, such as in this case after I installed the plugin Autoptimize:

Screenshot of Simple History 2 showing an example of some detailed output

Then we have the API: more easy to use than before. It’s simple, yet extendable:

// Most basic example: just add some information to the log
SimpleLogger()->info("This is a message sent to the log");

// Log entries can be of different severity
SimpleLogger()->info("User admin edited page 'About our company'");
SimpleLogger()->warning("User 'Jessie' deleted user 'Kim'");
SimpleLogger()->debug("Ok, cron job is running!");

// Log entries can have {placeholders} and context
// When the log is displayed all placeholders will
// have their values replaced by the key in the context
    "User {username} edited page {pagename}",
        "username" => "jessie",
        "pagename" => "My test page"

Well, that’s a short intro for version 2 of Simple History. I will add more info on its new domain, so visit that page for more up to date information.