Plugin Simple History is starting to look good – check it out if you haven’t already

Simple History is one of my own favorite plugins for WordPress. It’s a plugin that let you see what the users of WordPress has been working on: what posts have they been working on, what attachments has been uploaded, what users have been created and what plugins have been installed, etcetera.

Screenshot of plugin showing a history of recent changes in the wordpress installation

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time and work making it better. If you haven’t tried it yet I really recommend you to try it out. The latest version really looks like it’s part of the WordPress Core and it’s working just marvelously great I think. And one of the best part of it is that it stays out of your way until you need it. If you don’t know it’s installed, the chance is big that you dont even notice it at all. And I like that; plugins should be discrete and stay out of your way.

So: please give it a try. Download the zip directly of visit the WordPress plugin repository for more info. And after you tried it: please let me know if you liked and what I could change to make it even better. Thanks!

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