memcachy: a WordPress object cache for people who don’t know if they use memcache or memcached

If you want to speed up your WordPress site you should use object caching. A popular solution is to install a Memcached server and an object cache class that talks to that server.

A big problem is however that there are two PHP extensions that are used to talk to the memcached server. And they are named memcache and memcached. Confusing? Oh yeah. I’ve spent a full day sometimes installing one of them, just to realize it was the wrong one.

And sometimes your local server is using memcached, but the live server is using memcache. It’s hopeless!

So I built a simple object cache that automagically detects what extension is installed, and loads the correct object cache based on that. Simple. Useful.

You can download memcachy over at github: