Iphone & Ipad-appen för Text TV finns nu på GitHub

Javisst, Text TV-appen från TextTV.nu finns nu på GitHub: github.com/bonny/texttv.nu.

Detta innebär att ni text-tv-fans därute själva kan bidra med kod och buggrapporter och ändringsförslag. Något du inte gillar i appen? Nu kan du själv fixa det? Nom nom nom…

Appen är skriven med hjälp av PhoneGap, så allt du behöver kunna för att bidra är lite HTML, JavaScript och CSS-kunskap. Och det har ju alla (som jag känner!)

Simple Fields users – please help me test the new version

Lately I have been working hard on the next version of Simple Fields – my Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. Some of the new great features are:

  • Support for Custom Field Types/Field Type extensions. This means that you (or anyone else! 🙂 can write your own plugins for Simple Fields that adds new field types. Want a field type that let the user select a date range? Well just write it then! Or hire someone to do it. The main thing is that with this function Simple Fields is endless extendable!
  • New functions for registering field groups and fields and post connectors using plain PHP. Great news for theme developers beacuse now you can add pre-defined sets of fields for your users. No need to add fieldgroups or post connectors manually.
  • Support for slugs: each field you add now have a slug (that you decide) that you can use to access that field. Very useful together with the next feature:
  • New and better/easier functions for getting the saved values for a post: simple_fields_value(“field_slug”) and simple_fields_values(“field_slug_1, field_slug_2”). No more messing with fieldgroup and field IDs.
  • Actions and filters are added at many places so developers can modify parts of Simple Fields behavior.

The above features surely are great, but since I am just one person It’s difficult to spot possible bugs.  So this is what I need you for: please help me find the bugs in the upcoming version of Simple Fields!

You can find the latest version of the plugin at Simple Fields GitHub project page. Please download it from there (or clone the repository, whatever suits you best) and use the plugin on an existing or new site and then report any bugs tot the GitHub project page or directly to me.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Oh – and don’t forget to backup your database first. You know… just in case  🙂