View your pages directly in the admin area menu with this new WordPress plugin

Can’t believe I haven’t told you about my new plugin yet! It’s so good that I can’t use a WordPress installation without it. That’s pretty good for a plugin that’s still in version 0.1! 🙂

Ok, it’s called Admin Menu Treee Page View and it will display all your pages direcly in the WordPress admin menu. And when I say directly, I mean directly: no need to click “pages” and no need to click the Tree Page View (still a good plugin though!).

This is very good for CMS-like installations of WordPress, where you have many pages in a hierarchy. After using WordPress for our clients for a while I noticed that I really hated to have to go to a new page just too see all my pages. It was very cumbersome to change the current page to edit. Also, I would often forget where in the page hierarchy I currently was.

I really needed a way to always show the pages, no matter where I was in the admin area. And the result is simple but very effective. Just take a look at this screenshot and you will understand:

Screenshot of the WordPress plugin Admin Menu Tree Page View

See! All the pages, visible while editing an article. Wanna edit another article? Just click on it.

If you use WordPress as a CMS you will love this plugin. Give it a try and then let me know what you think.

Download from