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This is a WordPress plugin that adds a page tree of all your pages to the admin menu. This way all your pages will always be easy available, no matter where you currently are working in WordPress.


There are options to add pages directly in the tree, view pages, and you even find your pages by using the search-as-you-type-function. (You got to try that one, it’s marvelous!)

Amin Menu Tree Page View is a super addition to any CMS-like WordPress installation that uses lots of pages in a tree hierarchy.


  • My new WordPress plugin for showing a tree with pages/posts directly in the admin menu. So far it feels veeeery good!

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  1. Me again. Great plugin. Can you make the menu collapsible? I’m going to have over 200 pages, which makes the list very long and difficult to work with, in the absence of a collapsible feature.

  2. Thanks so much for this plugin. I’ve wanted this functionality in WP for a while now but thought I’d have to create it myself. This definitely makes WP more like a CMS. I noticed that you have a plugin called CMS Tree Page View that enables drag and drop reordering, but you have to go to a separate special page just to reorder…not ideal. It would be amazing if Admin Menu Tree Page View had drag and drop reordering (from the administration menu)!!! Please consider adding it 🙂

  3. Adding the ability to collapse menus — or set a default option to only collapse 1 or 2 deep would be a life saver to about 15 of my sites! If added, I certainly pledge a donation.

  4. Thank you so much for adding expand/collapse in v1.0! I’m so thrilled. Please test this out in Chrome as the expand/collapse does not work 🙁 — works great in IE9 and FF!

  5. Hello, Pär!

    I love your Admin Menu Tree Page View plugin – thank you!

    Since the last 2 updates, my dashboard doesn’t display any information any more; the boxes just say ‘Loading…” and remain that way. It works properly when I disable your plugin.

    The JS console reports:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mouse’ of undefined
    (anonymous function)

    The line numbers point to load-scripts.php at this function:

    (function(e){e.widget(“ui.resizable”,e.ui.mouse,{widgetEventPrefix:”resize”,options:{alsoResize:false,animate:false,animateDuration:”slow”,animateEasing:”swing”,aspectRatio:false,autoHide:false,containment:false,ghost:false,grid:false,handles:”e,s,se”,helper:false,maxHeight:null,maxWidth:null,minHeight:10,minWidth:10,zIndex:1E3},_create:function(){var b=this,a=this.options;this.element.addClass(“ui-resizable”);e.extend(this,{_aspectRatio:!!a.aspectRatio,aspectRatio:a.aspectRatio,originalElement:this.element,

    which is inside:

    jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.9

    Anything you can do?

    Thank you very much!

    • The plugin works fine for me on several different installs. Are you sure there is no problem with another plugin?

      • Hello Pär,

        Thank you for your reply!

        You’re right: I did some more testing and found that the error occurs only when both Admin Menu Tree Page View AND ViperRep (from are activated.

        I’m going to notify Viperchill. Maybe you’ll hear from them.

        All the best!

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  7. Hi, I’m running the most recent v2.1 with the most recent WordPress and the most recent build of Chrome.

    This Plugin is AMAZING to say the least. I uncovered a small quirk however in that when you collapse the WordPress Sidebar, get the Pages fly out, your “Add/Edit Page” Menu is then Underneath the WordPress Menu instead of relocating to the side again.


  8. Thank you very much for this. I didn’t realize when I installed it that you could batch add pages, which came in very handy with the current site I am working on.

    A feature request: when adding more than one page, could the ability to set the page template be included? As it is now, I added about 80 pages, but have to go back and set the templates.

    Thanks again!

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  11. Is there a way to have the “View” link open in a new window/tab…I think it would be a great option. I hate navigating out of a page that I’m editing.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  12. It is great plugin. It put the dashboard of WP on a higher level, almost TYPO3.
    Now with WP version 3.3 there are an annoying problem. After klicking all pages the tree is permanent as before but without its nice mouseover features. Without klicking all pages you have these features but you need a lot of moving and don’t see the tree.
    Will you make an update?
    Thank you

  13. This is an incredibly useful plugin. I was wondering if you offered the exact same plugin for Posts? so when you over over the Posts navigation menu, it could pop out, listing by post category the posts on your blog.

    I think that would be awesome!

    Keep up the good work.
    ~ David

  14. Awesome Plugin!

    Could you have it refresh when you drop the item to reorder? So that the pages list in the right window update as well.

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  16. Fantastic plugin…I would also like to have control over styling (rollover colours, main colours and more).

    I use this for all my clients sites and it’s been very helpful…please add these features 🙂

    I also agree about having this for post too.

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  18. Just letting you know that since I upgraded to WordPress 3.5, there seems to be a conflict between this plugin and the forms plugin Gravity Forms. When I de-activate Admin Menu Tree Page, then I can use Gravity Forms properly. As Gravity Forms is much more valuable plugin for it’s functionality and I now have to de-activate Admin Menu Tree plugin on the sites I have it on.

    Shame as I like this plugin. Any chance of an update to fix this?

      • Hi Par – did you manage to have a look at this? Wondering if a fix is coming as I love your plugin. Happy New Year. Thanks – Neal

          • Thanks again for the reply. If it helps, the problem I get in Gravity Forms is to do with the form fields selection boxes on the right side don’t close / open. Perhaps it’s related to other people’s issue around widget boxes not opening?

            Maybe this helps.

            Thanks for your support

            • Thanks for your follow up. It sounds like we have narrowed down the problem. I’ll keep looking – and now I know where to start 🙂

            • hm… I just checked the widgets area on my local installation and I had no problem. what version of WordPress do you have? It works fine on my installation with WordPress 3.5.

            • Just left a reply in gravity forms forum about this issue. According to GF admin, the curCSS script (which is the source of this issue) is no longer required by Gravity Forms and will be removed from the code in version 1.7 when it’s released.

              Love both plugins and look forward to a resolution.

            • Thanks Par and thanks Barbara too for the follow up – great support. When Gravity Updates their plugin to 1.7, all will be sweet again! Many thanks!

  19. Sadly, I had to deactivate “Admin Menu Tree Page View” after the latest update. Causes conflict (with the drop downs in the widget area) and does not function as it used to (should). Please fix, or simply re-release older version as an “update.” This was a great, and useful plugin.

    • Sorry to hear that it does not work you.

      Can you explain a bit further what happens in the widget area that you consider a conflict? The plugin seems to work fine for me, but I may miss something since you’re having problems.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        On the “Widgets” page, the right column shows the widget areas (i.e. sidebar, inner top, inner bottom, and footer). These are collapsible, and drop down (open) with a click to reveal the various active widgets. Click to open, click to close. After updating “Admin Menu Tree” these became non responsive, thus preventing me from accessing the active widgets. After deactivating your plugin, these function as they should.

  20. I love this plugin, very easy to use. I just have one question. I would like to use this also for custom post types i made, is this in anyway possible to get

  21. Hi Pär, I noticed that the latest version of the plugin is causing an error when attempting to bulk edit posts in WP 3.5.1. For example, select 20 posts and attempt to turn pings off. This is the error I see:

    Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/user/ on line 618

    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer in /home/user/ on line 618

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sboben/ in /home/user/ on line 876

    After disabling the plugin, the bulk edit worked. Hope this helps. This is one of the best plugs out there. Cheers!

    • Thanks for your feedback Suzanne. I did get the same error now when I tested, so for sure there was a problem I also think I tracked it down. Will release a new version today with a fix for it. Please try version 2.6.4 of the plugin, which should be available later today, and let me know if it works.

  22. Nice plugin. It gives me a much better overview of my pages. I only miss the ability to delete a page out of the tree view. I hope this will be added in the future.

  23. hello, I like your great cms tree page view. I can define on wch pages / post or custom page type the tree view is used.

    it would be great if i can define the pages in admin menu tree view also…

  24. Awesome plugin 🙂 Missing support for custom post types though…hope this will be implemented in the near future! 🙂

  25. This is a small thing but makes a huge difference when moving through the admin console. It’s going to go on all my WP installs. Thanks.

  26. Great plugin – I’m glad I found it, thank you!

    As with others, I wish there was support for custom post types.. That would be super useful.

  27. Thank you Pär Thernström for your super useful, lovely plugin :). There is one simple feature that would make it even more awesome for me, which would be the abilty to right-click the ‘view’ link so I can view the page in a new tab. I would use it mostly when making changes to templates or css. Thank you so much for this wonderfully useful plugin 🙂


  28. Hello Par,
    nice work with this plugin, I’m basically using it with all the WP implementations now.
    Would like to make a feature request, if welcome: add a clone page (as new draft) option along with edit/view/add new page…either with additional coding or by integration with a plugin like Duplicate Post


  29. Hello, and thanks for the great plugin.
    I recently have noticed however that none of my new pages are appearing there. Not sure why. Have you heard about this happening before?

  30. After using this great plugin more than 3 years I am continuosly happy with it. But new wishes come up:
    1. It would be helpful if the tree in the sidebar stays permanently independent of clicking other main categories as plugins etc.
    2. I would like to determine if the permalink shows all branches or only the post
    Can you think about these features for further development?
    Thank you

  31. Thank you sir for such a great plug-in. I am currently developing a site for my students and organization of content is very important. I am having a few difficulties though. I wish I could be able to drag and drop child pages. Currently I have to redo everything if I happen to forget anything or change mind about any order. Thank you all the same for such great work.

  32. Great plugin!

    I would love to have the same option for articles/posts as you have created for pages. Would that be possible to add for a future update?

    Best regards,


    • I agree that it would be great to be able to have the same feature for other post types too. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fix that at the moment. But it’s on my todo/wish-list for sure!

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  34. Hi, since version 4.6. WordPress uses different fonts, so there is a problem with your plugin as the first page in the page list cnat’t be read fully when you move the cursor over the Page menu. Can you please correct the problem? Thanks in advance.

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