TinyLogger for Kerio/Tiny Personal Firewall

Download version 0.10.1
(496 KB, updated May 20, 2002)

You can also
download version 0.9.8

(497 KB)
This version is older, but is has working sorting.

Tinylogger is a small tool that shows the log file from Tiny Personal Firewall or from Kerio Personal Firewall. It has been designed to be small and easy to use.

TinyLogger has more features than the build in log viewer. With TinyLogger you can also:

  • sort the log
  • filter the log
  • copy entries from the log
  • search after specific entries
  • export the log to a HTML file
  • view statistics

TinyLogger is free to use.


Source code

You can now download the Delphi source code for TinyLogger. Feel free to modify this program, but always notify me if you release a new version of TinyLogger and keep my name in the read me and in the about-box in the program.

What’s new

  1. February 15, 2005
  2. December 18, 2004
    • Moved the homepage to another server, to get rid of pop-ups and banners.
    • Redesigned the page.
    • No change in program code. Sorry…
    • Source code in Delphi will be available soon.