WP 3.3 and Simple Fields: no, they don’t mix (yet)

Just a quick note to all people that are updating – or thinking about updating – to the recently released WordPress 3.3: If you are using Simple Fields then don’t do it yet. Simple Fields is not tested for WP 3.3 and several people have reported that things are broken.

I will however update the plugin. I do however don’t know when. Time is not on my side right now. Strangely enough, donations can buy me time… *hint hint*

Status of my other plugins

I think/hope my other plugins for WordPress work fine with WP 3.3. At least I haven’t heard anything else.

4 thoughts on “WP 3.3 and Simple Fields: no, they don’t mix (yet)

  1. Hi,

    Have made a donation so you can get the upgrade for simple fields done. I’m hoping other people will do the same as your plugin is excellent!


    Aaron Matthews

  2. This is one of the greatest plugins for wordpress i have found. I’ve managed to fix some bugs as per the fixes at wordpress forum, but in investigating one of the the main ones, the breaking javascript (d is undefined in Qtags) when an html editor enabled textarea is used, phew, at a loss… Spent many hours. Thanks for all your hard work on this plugin!. I do not have much money myself but i will donate a bit now. 🙂

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