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  • Give my WordPress Plugins some Review ♥

    A new and nice feature over at the WordPress plugin directory is that you starting from this week finally can give your favorite plugin a review. Since I have a lot of plugins I would reeeeealy like to have some review. So if you use my plugins (and well.. like them!) please head over tot…

  • Simple Fields now on its own domain:

    Just a quick post to let you know that my WordPress Custom Fields Plugin ”Simple Fields” now has it’s own domain: All content that previosly was here on + lot’s of new content has been moved to

  • Simple Fields users – please help me test the new version

    Lately I have been working hard on the next version of Simple Fields – my Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. Some of the new great features are: Support for Custom Field Types/Field Type extensions. This means that you (or anyone else! 🙂 can write your own plugins for Simple Fields that adds new field types.…

  • Field types documentation added

    Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve added some documentation för all the field types in Simple Fields: Can be pretty useful when you are developing. My goal is to add some useful examples to each field type. Let me know if you have an example you would like to see.

  • Simple Fields and WordPress 3.3.1: they… kinda mix!

    Oh yeah. Thanks to the great people at Simple Field is slowly starting to work again. Check out the latest version available over at github: It’s rumored that this version works on WP3.3! 🙂

  • WP 3.3 and Simple Fields: no, they don’t mix (yet)

    Just a quick note to all people that are updating – or thinking about updating – to the recently released WordPress 3.3: If you are using Simple Fields then don’t do it yet. Simple Fields is not tested for WP 3.3 and several people have reported that things are broken. I will however update the…

  • Simple Fields: 6 new field types for you to play with

    Yep, after like half a year without any updates my super fantastic fields plugin for WordPress is back with some new cool stuff for you to play with. Some of the highlights are: 6 new field types. Yes. Six! More details about those below.  It’s now possible to hide the built in editor in WordPress.…

  • External: Short and sweet post about how you can use Simple Fields

    AD and Designer Jimmy Rosén has written a short and sweet post about how you can use Simple Fields to fetch images on a per post basis. You can find the post here: Thanks Jimmy!

  • Good start for my CMS-enhancing plugins for WordPress

    Recently I released my first WordPress plugin ”CMS Tree Page View” to help manage WordPress installations with many pages, mostly seen on ”CMS-like” installations/websites. So far CMS Tree Page View have had nearly 6.000 downloads, and my introductory screencast have had almost 2.500 views on YouTube. I have also recieved an overwhelming amount of positive…

  • Tutorial and glossary added for Simple Fields

    I’ve added a short tutorial and a short glossary for you Simple Fields users out there. I will also try add a screencast soon.