WP 3.3 and Simple Fields: no, they don’t mix (yet)

Just a quick note to all people that are updating – or thinking about updating – to the recently released WordPress 3.3: If you are using Simple Fields then don’t do it yet. Simple Fields is not tested for WP 3.3 and several people have reported that things are broken.

I will however update the plugin. I do however don’t know when. Time is not on my side right now. Strangely enough, donations can buy me time… *hint hint*

Status of my other plugins

I think/hope my other plugins for WordPress work fine with WP 3.3. At least I haven’t heard anything else.

Simple Fields: 6 new field types for you to play with

Yep, after like half a year without any updates my super fantastic fields plugin for WordPress is back with some new cool stuff for you to play with.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 6 new field types. Yes. Six! More details about those below.
  •  It’s now possible to hide the built in editor in WordPress. Great for custom post types that may consist of only fields from Simple Fields
  • The file field now has an edit link. Yes. finally. super easy to edit an attachment.
  • TinyMCE/the HTML editor now remembers stuff line breaks. Oh, that was annoying in the run when it didn’t, wasn’t it.
  • A field group, or just a field, can have a description. Much wanted feature from you users out there.

For a more complete list of what’s changed please see the full changelog.

Partly sponsored by web agency Plucera

The development of some of these new fields have been made possible thanks to support from the Swedish web agency Plucera. Thanks a lot guys!

New field types

Fields is what this plugin is about, so that’s why I’ve added six more of them. So let’s take a look at the new field types then:

screenshot showing examples of the new field types in simple fields

“Post” field type

Let you select a post, from posts, pages or any custom post type.


Let you choose a taxonomy (not terms) from all registered taxonomies.

Taxonomy term

Choose a term from a taxonomy.


Use a color picker to select any color.


Use a date picker to select any date.


Select any user in the system.


Finally: please remember that I’ve spent like a zillion hours developing this plugin, so if you like it, please donate or at least write a nice blog post or tweet about it. Okidoki?

Good start for my CMS-enhancing plugins for WordPress

Recently I released my first WordPress plugin “CMS Tree Page View” to help manage WordPress installations with many pages, mostly seen on “CMS-like” installations/websites.

So far CMS Tree Page View have had nearly 6.000 downloads, and my introductory screencast have had almost 2.500 views on YouTube. I have also recieved an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from users. Just look at these wonderful quotes that I have revieved in blog comments or through Twitter:

“Wonderful plugin that makes handling pages in WP much much easier.”


“Oh my Goodness, I needed this plug in so bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“I love this plugin”

“What a great plugin! Works like charm …”

“Awesome plugin.”

“Awesome! Thank you, CMS Tree Page View is a huge help in organizing “

“Extremely useful for large sites.”

Personaly I must say that I no longer can use WordPress without CMS Tree Page View. I simply depend on it! It’s just that good,  that simple, and that effective. A cornerstone in any WordPress CMS installation for me in the future.

Shortly thereafter – but after a lot of work – I released my second plugin “Simple Fields” to further extend the CMS capabilities of  WordPress. Simple Fields gives WordPress the ability to add almost any kind of content to a single post. Just as with CMS Tree Page View, I can no longer use WordPress without this plugin. Yes, it’s just that good too! 🙂

So far Simple Fields have had nearly 600 downloads and I have received pretty much positive feedback. Not as much as with CMS Tree Page View, but I think that’s OK: Simple Fields is a far more complex plugin, targeted at advanced users, and it requires WordPress 3. So when WordPress 3 is released I expect the number of users and downloads to raise.

Anyway, with this blog post I just want to say “thank you” to all you users out there who download my plugins and give me me positive feedback. You make me wanna keep on doing this! 🙂