Simple History is a new history plugin for WordPress

Yes (but no ”Oops!”), I did it again: I created a new plugin for WordPress. I’m really starting to get the hang of this now :).

This time it’s a history/change log/audit/recent changes-plugin called ”Simple History”. Just take a look at this screenshot and you will get the hang of it:

It fits perfectly on your dashboard – or on a separate page, if you prefer that – and it shows you the most recent changes that has been made within WordPress. What articles have been created, modified or deleted? What attachments have been uploaded, modified or deleted? And so on. It’s a pretty good plugin to have on websites where several people are involved: ”Has someone done anything today? Ah, Sarah uploaded the new press release and created an article for it. Good. Now I know.” 🙂

And it’s a beta version!

I don’t want to start to sound like Google here, but the plugin is in beta. Until it’s available on (I’m waiting for ”approvement”) you can find the plugin here:





2 svar till ”Simple History is a new history plugin for WordPress”

  1. Profilbild för Jens Frederik

    Hej Pär
    I have found your ”Simple History” – and I like that.
    Is there a way, where you can put Simple History at your front page – so when anyone watching you homepage, you can see the changes there has been made recently eg. ”Wich page has been updated and when?”
    I have been looking but can´t find any.
    Maybe you can help.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Not right now. But it’s a pretty good idea. Maybe I add that function to a future version of Simple History.

      If you’re a bit of developer you could probably add this functionality yourself, by using the RSS-feed in Simple History.