New plugin: WP JavaScript Error Logger

wp-javascript-error-log-overview-screen I just came home after visiting Front-Trends 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. A very nice conference, featuring nice weather, nice people, nice speakers, nice food, and finally pretty bad coffe. So… all in all: a very nice conference indeed. The opening talk of the conference was a presentation called “Know your errors” by Diogo Antunes, in which he spoke about the options you have to log the JavaScript errors that a visitor to your site may encounter. While viewing that presentation I though: hey, I wanna try this, and since I do WordPress websites the most easy solution would be to make a WordPress plugin out of it. So I did: It’s a early version. But is seems to work. So I’m happy. Please try it and let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “New plugin: WP JavaScript Error Logger

  1. You should also consider trying error monitoring. It’s for free and have tons of analytics and tools to get more info on errors. And Front-Trenders can use QbakaFrontTrends code at checkout to get no errors/day limits for $5/month.

  2. Such a good idea Par! Reminds me to attend conferences in a while to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s a good idea to update that plug-in also.

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