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  • Give my WordPress Plugins some Review ♥

    A new and nice feature over at the WordPress plugin directory is that you starting from this week finally can give your favorite plugin a review. Since I have a lot of plugins I would reeeeealy like to have some review. So if you use my plugins (and well.. like them!) please head over tot […]

  • CMS Tree Page View: nag-free update to celebrate more than 100,000 downloads

    Yes, it’s true: I’ve had more than 100,00 downloads of my WordPress plugin CMS Tree Page View. That a pretty cool number I think. The plugin has also recieved 123 ratings with an average of 4.53 stars out of 5 possible. That’s also pretty cool! So, as a thank you to all you users of […]

  • CMS Tree Page View recommended at WordCamp Australia

    Troy Dean of Video User Manuals did a presentation at WordCamp Australia called ”Better WordPress For Clients”. About 16 minutes in the talk he recommends my WordPress plugin CMS Tree Page View for managing pages in sites with more than 10 pages. Thanks for telling Australia, Troy! 🙂

  • WPML-compatible version of CMS Tree Page View now available for testing

    The last week I’ve been busy modifying my plugin CMS Tree Page View to make it work together with the WPML-plugin, a plugin that let you translate the contents of your site. As some of you know, my plugin show a tree (like in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder) with all the pages in […]

  • Good start for my CMS-enhancing plugins for WordPress

    Recently I released my first WordPress plugin ”CMS Tree Page View” to help manage WordPress installations with many pages, mostly seen on ”CMS-like” installations/websites. So far CMS Tree Page View have had nearly 6.000 downloads, and my introductory screencast have had almost 2.500 views on YouTube. I have also recieved an overwhelming amount of positive […]