WPML-compatible version of CMS Tree Page View now available for testing

The last week I’ve been busy modifying my plugin CMS Tree Page View to make it work together with the WPML-plugin, a plugin that let you translate the contents of your site.

As some of you know, my plugin show a tree (like in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder) with all the pages in your site. In this tree you can quickly use expand/collapse to show sub-pages and you can drag-and-drop to change the order or to move pages. To cut it short: It’s page management simplified!

Before this update all the pages belonging to all different languages where mixed together in the tree. With this update however you can now select between all the languages configured in WPML, so the tree will only show one language at a time. I think WPML and CMS Tree Page View both are great plugins and what could be better than both plugins working fine together? 🙂

I am releasing this beta version of CMS Tree Page View so you brave WPML-users out there can test it and report any bugs to me before I upload it to wordpress.org. Download the beta version here: http://bit.ly/c2kmdf and report any bugs to me at par.thernstrom@gmail.com.

And now for a little bonus feature: this beta version of CMS Tree Page View can also show custom post types – a much asked for feature.

Here is a screenshot showing both the WPML-functions and the custom post type in action:






8 svar till ”WPML-compatible version of CMS Tree Page View now available for testing”

  1. Profilbild för Piet

    Excellent plugin and it works great with WPML.

    I actually read the news on the WPML feed and for me it comes as a gift! In a few weeks I have to deliver a large multi-lingual website, with numerous Pages and sub-Pages.

    Now with your plugin added the client can at least have some good oversight of his Pages, instead of scrolling through 4 WordPress pages per language 🙂


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Cool, good to know that it works for you!

  2. Profilbild för Björn Ali
    Björn Ali


    When is this going to go into the main branch? It keeps asking me to update, but I don’t want to lose the WPML functionality.

    Also, regarding custom post types: We want to be able to specify how to build the tree (as posts don’t have the ”parent” by default, nor is it always applicable).

    Another way to say this is: See if we can make a tree out of a specific taxonomy and post type.

    That would make it possible to even have ”posts” according to ”category”.

    Right now I don’t have time to test for this myself, so see if you yourself have time. Otherwise we’ll just wait and see what happens 🙂

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      It’s actually already in there. I should have updated the post to reflect this.

      1. Profilbild för Björn Ali
        Björn Ali

        Oh. Goodies 🙂

  3. Profilbild för Karl

    Hi there – I know this post is quite old, but thought this would be the appropriate place to ask.

    I’ve just tested your plugin and like its simplicity and functionality, thanks for coding it! I’m using it with WPML and one query I have, is whether it’d be possible to add the language switcher to custom posts too? When looking at ”pages”, it shows the various languages above ”All | Public | Trash”, but this doesn’t show on custom posts. It’s a useful feature and perhaps not too complicated to add to custom posts as well?

    Thanks, Karl

  4. Profilbild för Andrea


    Translated posts doesn’t keep the order. See here:
    – Italian (OK: it’s the default language): http://progettoanike.org/musicians/
    – French (second language): http://progettoanike.org/fr/musicians/

    I agree with Karl (for a moment I thought I had the wrong version of the plugin, instead is actually a missing feature for custom post types): any chance to have this plugin actually working with custom post types?

  5. Profilbild för Olivier S.

    Hello Karl, Andrea,

    I was looking for the same feature and tried to get into the plugin code.

    Change the line 286 and 319 (they are the same) into :
    if (defined(”ICL_SITEPRESS_VERSION”) && ($post_type == ”page” || $post_type == ”your_custom_post_type”)) {

    That seems to work for me, please let me know if it is ok for you.