WordPress plugins

WordPress is a great CMS. Sometimes however, there is some features that I miss, and in those cases I go and build a plugin to fix it. These are the plugins that I use myself and that I still update (sometimes).

Remember: if you like a plugin then pleeeeease donate to support further development.

Simple Fields – A Pretty Awesome Custom Fields Plugin WordPress

Plugin for WordPress for creating custom fields for your posts or pages (or any post type). It kicks ass. I use it in all my projects.

CMS Tree Page View for WordPress

Plugin for WordPress that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages.

Simple History for WordPress

View recent changes in your WordPress installation. See what user who  has created, added, modified, edited or deleted/removed a page, a post or an attachment. And more!

Simple SEO for WordPress

Easily change the page title of your posts and pages, and change the menu title label of your posts and pages. Great for customizing the search results in Google.

Admin Menu Tree Page View for WordPress

Great tool for page administators: add a tree of all your pages to the admin menu inside WordPress. No matter where you currently are working in WordPress, all your pages will always be available instantly.

Nice Navigation for WordPress

Plugin/Widget that makes your page list expandable/collapsible

SaveAndBackup Coda plugin

Plugin for the Coda editor on OS X that acts like a local history for your files.


[In Swedish] Ett försök att göra en moderna och mer funktionall version av klassiska text tv. Långsamt pågående…


[In Swedish] Som ett led i att utforska Google Maps API så byggde jag under hösten/vintern 2009/2010 webbplatsen brottsplatskartan.se. Information om brott hämtas från Polisen placeras med hjälp av Google Geocoding Service.