CMS Tree Page View

CMS Tree Page View is a WordPress plugin that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS. This page tree gives you a great overview over all your pages and you can use the page tree to quickly drag-and-drop your pages to change their order. 

Remember to donate if you like it 🙂

Plugin Features

  • View and organize pages in a simple to use tree view
  • Available both on it’s own page and on the dashboard
  • Edit pages directly from the tree
  • Add pages at any place in the tree
  • Drag and drop to rearrange your pages
  • Search pages
  • See all pages  – including private and drafts – or just publicly available pages

This plugin is for admin use only. If you’re looking for a plugin are visible on the public side of your website, for your visitors, then check out my other WordPress-plugin Simple Navigation.

Screenshots of CMS Tree Page View


270 svar till ”CMS Tree Page View”

  1. Profilbild för apmeyer

    Excellent! I have been searching for a plugin to help manage pages more effectively for large sites — with many pages — and this plugin does the job superbly.

    I’ve only played with it for a few minutes, but so far no glitches.

    Great work!

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks! Let me know if there is any features that you miss.

  2. Profilbild för Bo


    Har kollat in denna lite snabbt och verkar vara helt perfekt. Grymt implementerat!

    Har du testat något i betan för wp3? 0.2 verkade helt ok, men 0.3 ser ut att fallera lite här och där. OBS har inte forskat så noga och det kan vara fel på andra ställen. Tänkte bara ställa frågan.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Hej och tack för positiv feedback 🙂

      Har endast testat den väldigt snabbt i WordPress 3 och den verkar ju se bra ut, men däremot inte fungera helt ok. Jag ska läsa på lite om 3:an (custom post types osv.) och sen såklart få den att funka fint i 3an också.

      1. Profilbild för Bo


        Jag kommer hänga på låset för denna är perfekt till vanliga siter.

  3. Profilbild för noname

    bug: 3 times (starting from line 286) you are using ”<?" instead or "<?php", what makes trouble at some instalations

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for reporting this. I will fix this in the next version.

  4. Profilbild för Debo

    Hello, great plugin…unfortunately, it does not not play nice with my theme…when I activate it, it works ok in the admin however, my client side (front/home pages etc lose its color and structure etc…..any workaround?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      That sounds strange. Are you sure this only happens when this plugin is activated? To my knowledge I only add CSS and JavaScript in the admin part of WordPress.

  5. Profilbild för Kortia

    Tack hjälp, jag downloeaded och det fungerar inte, säger bara att lasta och aldrig får förbi den punkten. Var mycket lätt att installera och att aktivera. Rättvis inget träd.

    Jag behöver det dåligt att fungera och ska glatt skänka pengar

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Sorry to hear it does not work. It’s unfortunately difficult to tell why it does not work.
      Do you know what version of WordPress and jQuery you have? To know that would give me a starting point at least.

    2. Profilbild för kortia

      I use artisteer, however I did set it back to the default wordress and still would not work.
      I am using 2.9.2. I also saw you update today and did it and it still would not work. I am getting ready to switch over a large site, that is why I need it so badly. I do appreciate your help! Sometimes my new plug ins will work and others will not.

      Thank you again.

      1. Profilbild för kortia

        P.S It does load just fine,activates fine just gets hung on ” Loading Tree”.

      2. Profilbild för kortia

        ok I think it is a issue with all in one seo. I actually got cms to work, then once I configured all in one, it went back to its old way of doing things. I also set all my settings with wordpress, so it my have to do with that. I will do some more digging. Thank you again.

        I did notice that once I updated my settings, the area where you can check were you want it to show up had only one place to check not two like when it was first activated.

  6. Profilbild för Ron

    Hi – I was using this plugin (which is GREAT by the way, so helpful) in a WP 2.9.x installation and it was working fine.

    Just decided to test out the project I’m working on with the WordPress 3.0 Beta 1, and wanted to give you a note that CMS Tree Page View doesn’t work in WP3. When I go to the Admin page it hangs on ”Loading tree”.


  7. […] all of the content of a WP site can be daunting. The one plug-in I like that at least helps, is CMS Tree Page View. However, while it seems to work very nicely with WP 2.9, it doesn’t work in WP 3.0 Beta 1, or […]

  8. Profilbild för Ron

    Would like to have the option to list pages by author name, with same collapse / expand capability.

  9. Profilbild för Steve G
    Steve G

    Hi there, i love this plugin, have been using it to arrange 300+ new pages in my WordPress site.

    I have come across a problem though when trying to add a new page, I am getting an Error 400. Can you asssits?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Sorry to hear that you have a problem….

      Does this only happen when you try to add a new page? How far do you get, do you for example get the prompt that asks for the name of the new page?

  10. Profilbild för Mikkel

    love your plugin, and it used to work fine, now under WP 2.9.2 I get ’You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ if i try to access the page tree under the Pages Menu. Also the widget doesn’t show on the dashboard, and it’s not in the list of available widgets under the dashboard config tab..

    Any idea how I can fix this?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      I removed it from the dashboard because there are some problems with it at the moment (it will be re-enabled later…).

      Why I does not show up under the pages menu I have no idea. It works perfect for me, both on my own local server and on a public server. Since I don’t have any problems I really don’t know how to fix it :(. Not good news, I now…

      1. Profilbild för Mikkel

        ok, but at least then its not related to the problem of it now showing up in the dashboard.. but this feature was really the reason for me to use it, it saved a click to the pages menu, and this is what I find amazing 😉

        I’ll try to see if I can dig up more info on why the permission thing might happen..

      2. Profilbild för Mikkel

        and the really cool part was that it listed all my pages (I use WPML), wheres the Dashboard Pages widget only knows how to show pages belonging to the base language.

    2. Profilbild för Szymon

      I have the same error.

      Are you using WPML plugin? I get this error when upgrade WPML to the newest version.

      1. Profilbild för Pär

        Thanks for the info; I’ll try to install WPML during the weekend and see if it break things for me too.

      2. Profilbild för Szymon

        Now I’m sure about it. I have just installed fresh WordPress with WPML and CMS Tree Page View plugins.

        CMS Tree Page View works fine alone. But it breaks when you active WPML and set second language.

        1. Profilbild för Pär

          I can confirm this myself now: installing the latest version of WPML breaks my plugin.

          As far I can tell it’s not my fault and I’ve reported this in the forum on

          I’ll let you know if/when I get an answer.

          1. Profilbild för Pär

            Ok, I’ve got an answer from now:

            ”Thanks all for reporting this.
            It’s been fixed for the next release.”

          2. Profilbild för Szymon

            Great news, thank you.

  11. Profilbild för Farshid Ketabchi

    hi, cool plugin. i activated it on my blog ( but the tree view does not include the home/blog page. i want to rename the blog page and move it to the 2nd position and have a different page as the home page. is this something that i need/can do in your plugin and/or does it require a change in the theme config/code that i am using? thank you.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Is your home page a regular page? It must be a regular page or otherwise you can not move it.

  12. Profilbild för alexufo

    in FF3 bug buttons after ”edit” are hide by ”on release”

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for the report, I’ll look into this.

      1. Profilbild för Pär

        I have updated the plugin now. Please have a look and see if it works better now!

  13. Profilbild för Ren

    I find this plugin very useful thanks. Would also be great to have an option for like link into internal and external pages. And also an option that lets a page hide/show on menu items.

  14. Profilbild för Andreas

    Hi there,

    What a great plugin! Works like charm …

    Do you consider to include a ”copy”-function? So I could copy a whole subtree to another tree? Would be great to have a ”hidden” page-template-category from which I could easily setup a new ”page and subpage”-Set

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      No current plans to add a copy-function, but I’ll add it to my list of feature requests.

  15. Profilbild för Gustavo

    Works like a charm. Awesome plugin. Thank you so much.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thank you!

  16. Profilbild för Amado

    Oh my Goodness,
    I needed this plug in so bad.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    Working on large site was such a nightmare in the normal page view, and this plug in has definitely sped up my work flow.

    Thank you 🙂


  17. Profilbild för Alexufo

    RU – russian translation from me

    Thanks for plug!

  18. Profilbild för Alexufo

    Sorry, this is ussian translation without 1 mistake:

    1. Profilbild för Alexufo

      ussian = russian

    2. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks! I will update the plugin with your translation as soon as possible.

  19. Profilbild för Marko

    Can I use your great plugin in regular page instead of menu for navigation through static pages in WP ?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Unfortunately not. It is only created to be used from within the admin-area.

  20. Profilbild för Weidemann

    Wonderful plugin that makes handling pages in WP much much easier.

    WISH: do a similar plugin for categories.

  21. Profilbild för kilotto

    Very Good!

    In WP 2.9.2 doesn’t work ’Add new page’.
    When I click on link, it open the edit page form.

    1. Profilbild för Pär


      I’ll try to see if I can find that bug too. And fix it, of course 🙂

  22. Profilbild för erwan

    Hi, currently testing on wp3RC1 seems to work perfectly –

    useful when working with pages only, this plugin can be quicker to implement page order in a CMS like project

    for other project the new menu feature of WP3 will be preferred

  23. Profilbild för Jean

    Hi I am using this plugin but now it seems to have gotten broken somehow. When I access the plugin it says loading pages and then displays absolutely nothing, although I have many pages in the site. Any idea what might be going wrong? thanks

  24. Profilbild för Jeff

    On my install of WP3 RC1, the tree never loads.
    It’s stuck on ’Loading Tree’.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for reporting this. Several people have the same problem, and I’m currenly looking into this.

    2. Profilbild för Pär

      Ok! I’ve updated the plugin. Please try again now!

      1. Profilbild för Enrico

        Just installed latest version of the plugin on a brand new WP 2.9.2 installation. Tree doesn’t show up and menus on the left don’t even open up (if I click the down arrow). There’s seem to be an issue with javascript.


        1. Profilbild för Pär

          The latest version only works on WP3. To use it on WP 2.x please use version 0.4.9:

          1. Profilbild för Enrico

            Thank you, Pär! 🙂

  25. Profilbild för Jon

    I was going to give this a shot in WP 3 but got a fatal error and was unable to activate. I recently installed your Simple Fields plugin and it seems to have something to do with that

    Cannot redeclare bonny_d() (previously declared in wp-content/plugins/simple-fields/functions_post.php:470) in wp-content/plugins/cms-tree-page-view/functions.php on line 557

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Doh! Apparently I’m using the same function names in both plugins. I’ve updated CMS Tree Page View now, so please update it and see if it works then.

      1. Profilbild för Jon

        That did the trick! thanks!

  26. Profilbild för Coen

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’ve been using PageMash up till now, constantly forgetting to click the Update button after I was done. No more as your plugin auto saves! Been looking for this for a long time.

    Feature requests:
    – OK I would like the opening of subpages to be faster, without a delay.
    – An Undo function would be useful.
    – Also some more top/bottom margin between the pages (or as an option) so dragging and dropping becomes less tedious. It’s sometimes difficult to position as it will go as a child of another page while that is not what I want.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks 🙂

      > OK I would like the opening of subpages to be faster, without a delay.
      I’ve decided to load the sub-pages on-demand so that if there was a page somewhere with a lots of pages (like.. really many!) then the tree would still load fast. But sure, if you have just a few pages there would be no problem. I’ll think about this; perhaps I’ll add an option/setting for this.

      > An Undo function would be useful
      Yes it would 🙂 I’ll see what I can do.

      > It’s sometimes difficult to position as it will go as a child of another page while that is not what I want.
      Agree, this should be much clearer

  27. Profilbild för silvercover

    Sorry if this answered before, is there any chance to put rendered tree view in front-end or theme to let users navigate using this or not?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      No, the tree is only available in the admin area of WordPress.

  28. Profilbild för Chip Cain
    Chip Cain

    Awesome! Thank you, CMS Tree Page View is a huge help in organizing the website I am creating for the camera club I belong to.

    It works like a charm

    Great job,

    (WordPress RC3)

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  30. Profilbild för Coen

    Since I updated the plugin to the latest version (0.5.3) it stopped working. First I had to disable the plugin via the renaming its folder in the plugins folder because I could no longer access my WP Admin, and when I just now activated it again to see if upgrading to the yesterday released 3.0 version would have fixed it, it now does show me the WP Admin but the plugin no longer works. I can access its screen, but it’s not loading the tree.

    I hope you will fix it.

  31. Profilbild för Alarm

    I installed your plugin on my blog today
    Really useful and a good plugin
    Now do not get lost among the pages in my admin panel
    Thank you for sharing plug-in

  32. Profilbild för Seebz

    Some texts are not translated.

    This is because the wp_localize_script() function is called before load_plugin_textdomain().

    By changing that in the functions.php file, inside the cms_tpv_admin_init() function, the problem is solved.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for noticing this! Will be fixed in the next version.

  33. Profilbild för Björn Ali
    Björn Ali

    Hi Pär,

    How does this play with multi-site installations of wordpress?

    Also, do you think that this plugin can be used to show different language versions of a post?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      I have no experience of multi-site installations, so I don’t know. If any one has: please let me know how it works!

      I’m not sure what you mean by showing different language versions of a post..? Can you explain this a bit further?

  34. Profilbild för Coen

    Hi Svara,

    Did you see my report here: ?

    Here is a screen capture of what I am seeing:

    Thanks again.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Hi, thanks for hanging in there 🙂

      Judging from your screenshot it looks like neither the CSS or the JavaScript is loaded. It’s hard to determine why that is. Can you give me a list of all the other plugins you are using? Perhaps there’s something there that my plugin don’t go along with.

  35. Profilbild för Andreas Wedberg

    How about letting CMS Tree Page View list Custom Post types as well? Maybe not in the same tree as regular pages, but in a tree of its own?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      It’s on my todo-list! 🙂

  36. Profilbild för Seebz

    Hi, i have install your update but text was not translated also.

    load_plugin_textdomain() must be called before creating $oLocale variable.

    (sorry for bad report :s)

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      oh, crap! but thanks for finding this out! new version is on it’s way :/

  37. Profilbild för André

    is it possible to code this to be used on the front-end, without the admin features.

    so it can work as an better navigation tree, for sites with lots of pages, and child pages.

    Great work – keep up with your good work,


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      This plugin is for admin use only, so the answer is unfortenly ”no”.

  38. Profilbild för Coen

    I just updated to the latest version and now it works again. Thanks so much!

  39. Profilbild för Seebz

    Translations are working correctly, thanks for your great work 😉

  40. Profilbild för Seebz

    Hi, i have small suggestions for next version of your plugin.
    It concerns the display of status pages.

    Preview :

    Modification package :
    (search ”CHANGE HERE” in files)

    I hope you enjoy it 😀

  41. Profilbild för Alok Sharma


    I installed this plugin and must appreciate that you have developed such a wonderful piece of code.

    Just one issue. When dragging page, I find it difficult to move it at a new location. I have to play around for a while before the page is moved to the new location. Sometimes, the page is moved under some other page also.

    A quick work around to this is to increase the padding between the list of pages so that we can easily move the page to a new location.

    All the best…



  42. Profilbild för Lefteris

    Fantastic plugin!!!

  43. Profilbild för Coen

    Hey again,

    The Edit and View links in the tree both edit the post.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      It works for me. What browser are you using?

  44. Profilbild för Seebz

    Thanks for adding my suggestion 😀

    For not spamming your blog, next time I have an idea, I’ll put it on the wp forum.

  45. Profilbild för Coen

    This is weird, now it works like normal. I am very sure it didn’t work last night, I tried on several URL’s.

    I’m on Firefox 3.6.7pre Ubuntu.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Weird, but good! Perhaps something to do with magic. Or voodoo!

  46. Profilbild för Coen

    Aha! I have finally nailed this one: When you right-click the View link and select the command to open it in a new tab, a new tab opens but in EDIT mode, not the View mode. Try it yourself.

    Also, Control+Click doesn’t work to open a new tab with whatever link you choose.

    Can you confirm these things?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Ok, thanks. I know what the problem is then: the links are not real links but javascript-links. I’ll try to get them into real links instead.

    2. Profilbild för Pär

      Please try this again with version 0.6 of the plugin. At least the edit and view-links should work now.

  47. Profilbild för Doug Arnold

    When using CMS Tree Page View, I am unable to edit pages in HTML form; I can only edit in visual form. This is for WordPress 3.0; when I disable the plug-in, I can once again edit in HTML mode.

    Thought you should know.

    Doug Arnold

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      What happens when you try to edit pages? Do you get like an error message or something?

      Can you tell me what browser, what os, and what other plugins you have running? That would really help me to track this error down.

  48. Profilbild för Paul

    Hi Pär

    Thanks for the great plugin, without this plugins, my site won’t be able to operate, this is not the exaggeration, it’s the truth.

    Sites with lots of pages ( aka CMS ) can’t do without this.

    I hope you would somehow manage to code up a Page Widget ( Users on the front end can browse through the pages the same way as Window Explorer’s )

    Thanks a lot

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Several people have requested a public/front end-version of the tree, so I am starting to think of a new plugin that does that. Stay tuned 🙂

      1. Profilbild för Pär

        Ok, I have such a plugin ready now:

  49. Profilbild för A.

    looks great!
    Do you think it can modified a bit to also change order of regular posts? (kind of like postMash), with all this WP->CMS it becomes a really needed tool being able to determine the order..
    thanks anyhow!

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      I’m planning to enable the tree for all post types, including regular posts. Don’t know when this will be done though.

  50. Profilbild för Michael

    hej Pär!!

    Tack så mycket!! Great work done… Love your plug-in. Keep going on.


  51. Profilbild för Tom

    Excellent plugin. It works perfectly and I find it very useful.

    (Pär, I wanted to leave this comment,but I was a little put off doing so because the titles are in Swedish(?). Heck if I know what ”Skriv ett svar” means.

    1. Profilbild för Pär


      ”Skriv ett svar” = ”Write an answer” 🙂

      I know my pages are a bit of mess… I didn’t plan to write a lot of stuff in english, but then my plugins came along!

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  53. Profilbild för Bambo


    Plugin does not seem to work in IE8 unless ”top” in line 169 and 171 of cms_tree_page_view.js is changed to top2 or something generic.

    top2 = -3;d
    div_actions.css(”left”, left);
    div_actions.css(”top”, top2);

    Tree show but the there is no popout box of edit etc.

    I have no clue about this but I am good with google 🙂 So simply a matter of naming? ”Top” is a no no it seems.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks, will fix this in the next version.

  54. Profilbild för Steve

    Hey Pär,

    short question. Does your Plugin work with Custom Post Types?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      short answer: not yet! 🙂

      1. Profilbild för Steve

        I’ll look forward 🙂 Thanks for your awesome work.

        1. Profilbild för Aamir Mughal
          Aamir Mughal

          Hi Steve,

          Did you manage to work with tree view for custom post type ? I need the same solution, if you have one.


          1. Profilbild för Pär

            Yes, it works for custom post types now. Please check settings under WP Admin » Settings » CMS Tree Page View

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  60. Profilbild för LadyBizBiz

    I love this Page View Plugin that you have provided for general use.

    I will endorse your work because I haven’t had a single problem with the plugin to-date …. other plugins can be a nightmare, an absolute headache to use and fix when they go wrong …. but NOT YOURS!

    You have got it right!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you make this newbie to WP a very happy person indeed.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Wow, thanks for all the kind words! 🙂

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  64. Profilbild för Piet

    is there a way to completely get rid of Pages in the sidebar of the dashboard and only show this Tree Menu?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Hm.. probably. I have never though about that. I’ll see if I can find a solution for that.

      If anyone else out there got a solution, please post it!

    2. Profilbild för Dalton

      I did something like this by creating a helper plugin. (Pär, you might remember I mentioned this in the WordPress forums). Svara, give this a try and see what you think:

      1. Profilbild för Pär

        Ah, yes. Sorry.. gonna try your plugin/modification again.. for real this time!

      2. Profilbild för Frank Torres

        @Dalton: Sorry to double-post. I can install and customize WordPress, but JUST figured out how to respond to your comment in the right place…! 😉

        Anyway, how does one implement that helper plugin code you referenced? I tried copying your code into a file named “cms-tree-page-view-helper.php” in the plugins folder. That allowed me to activate your plugin, but it doesn’t “Replace the standard Edit page with the CMS Tree Page View.” And yes, I have the CMS Tree Page View plugin installed and running fine. WP 3.0.3.

        1. Profilbild för Frank Torres

          Please have a look in the WP forum to see how I got this working with another plugin (Admin Menu Editor)!

  65. […] CMS Tree Page View is a very useful WordPress plugin that adds AJAX tree overview of all your pages in WordPress administration area. Within this page tree you can edit pages, view pages, add pages, search pages, and drag and drop pages to rearrange the order. […]

  66. Profilbild för Keir

    Upgraded to the new version, and its broken or
    maybe it just doesn’t like my theme (Carrington Jam), but I get this error message…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function arrary() in /home/content/d/e/k/dekalbhealth/html/wpBETA/wp-content/plugins/widget-logic/widget_logic.php(161) : eval()’d code on line 1

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      That does not seem to be caused by this plugin. It seems like a problem with the plugin ”widget logic”.

      1. Profilbild för Keir

        Your right and I figured it out 30 minutes or so after I made my reply.

  67. Profilbild för Chip Cain
    Chip Cain

    Hi, your tree view plugin has been a huge help simplifying how I order my pages. But wiith these last two upgrades something strange has happened. I get the page tree view on the dashboard but when I go to the stand alone page it is a ”Post” tree view. Very strange.

    A post tree view would be very nice but I also would like my page tree view back : )

    Still a great plugin!

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for the bug report. Another user also reported this so I must have done something terribly wrong somewhere. :/

      Anyway, I’ll try to find fix this as soon as possible and post another update.

      1. Profilbild för Chip Cain
        Chip Cain


        Your latest upgrade did the trick. It works like a charm now. Hopefully it will work just as well for the other person who reported this.

        Thank you,

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  69. Profilbild för Marc

    Great plugin! Only thing that doesn’t work for me is the auto update of the links. If I move a page to become a subpage of an existing page all the pages work (links). However when I move the newly created subpage back to become a root page, the link doesn’t work. It shows a 404 error. The link the page editor shows when editing the page is correct, and if i update the page without making changes the (same) page links works perfectly.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Ok, thanks for the report. I’ll try and see if that happens for me too, and if it does I will fix it in the next version.

    2. Profilbild för Pär

      I am unable to reproduce this. Do you have any plugins installed that could interfere with CMS Tree Page View? Perhaps a cache-plugin or similar?

      1. Profilbild för Pär

        Ok, I think I’ve solved it. It was a problem with cache-plugins. I got the problem with DB Cache Reloaded, but the same problem probably exists with other caching plugins.

        I will try to post a new version later today.

        1. Profilbild för Marc

          Just updated to the new version, and the problem is gone. Thanks alot for your fast response. I was using w3 total cache, so I guess it indeed was a cache plugin that was conflicting.

          Again, great work on the plugin and the fix!

  70. […]   CMS Tree Page View 0.7.2» Pär Thernström (url)Adds a CMS-like tree view of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS. By using the tree you can edit, view, add pages and even search pages (useful if you have many pages). And with drag and drop you can rearrange the order of your pages. Page management won’t get any easier than this! […]

  71. Profilbild för Vanya

    Great plugin, thanks a lot! If you allow me to ask – is there something similar for the Attributes: select a parent page drop-down menu – I’ve got a very long list of pages and if I need to assign a parent page to a new one I have to scroll down through all my pages. If the pages to choose from were displayed with check boxes (as the categories are) it would be much easier to assign a parent page from a very long list.

  72. Profilbild för Robin

    Hej, jag använder detta plugin dagligen i min webshop det är helt underbart!

    Det enda som saknas är en ”delete” eller ”Trash” länk, alla vill kanske inte ha detta, men det borde finnas en setting, som slåt på den, för det så galet plågsamt att behöva gå in på en vara för att kunna ta bort den!

    Älskar det jobb du gör! Du och dina pluggin har sparat mig många timmars arbete!!


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Tackar! Jag har väl en vag tanke/idé om att införa någon form av markera-flera-artiklar-och-gör-något-med-dom-funktion. Typ flytta till papperskorgen.

      Någon har föreslagit möjligheten att ersätta vanliga pages-sidan med min plugin, och jag måste nog medge att jag är inne på den linjen också. Men isf måste CMS Tree Page View klara av allt som vanliga pages-sidan kan. Typ flytta till papperskorgen..

  73. […] Pär Thernström […]

  74. Profilbild för Jill Rhoads

    If only you had the same idea for internal work with categories…

  75. Profilbild för Dave Tollefsen
    Dave Tollefsen

    We moved our site from one server to another. Everything was working semo-perfectly before -had issues with timing out so we moved. After the move it tree wouldn’t expand -I reinstalled. Now when I move a page to a different location in the tree, it doesn’t update the URL and if I go to a different page and come back, it reverts to original location. Any ideas?

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Sounds a bit strange. No new plugin or anything? Perhaps you have any caching or redirecting-plugins that could interfere with my plugin?

  76. Profilbild för Jason Egan

    I have a lot of draft and pending pages. Is it possible to have the default view of the page widget on the dashboard be ’public’ rather than ’all’?


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for the feedback Jason. I’ll take that into consideration. Perhaps I’ll make an option for that…

  77. Profilbild för David Radovanovic

    Jill Rhoads: me too! Any luck finding a plugin (or script) that allows for the same for post categories? Thanks for a nice plugin!

  78. Profilbild för Mustafa Namoglu

    Great plugin. Thanks a lot.

  79. Profilbild för Talia

    Hi there, I love this plugin, however its not working in IE8, works with all the others..any ideas?

  80. Profilbild för GB

    Your plugins are excellent.

    Wanted to donate, but your PayPal donate page is not in English. Maybe, providing an English donation page might help. To many fields on a donation form may chase donors away.


    Your Simple Fields plugin reminds mean of Drupal Views that allows users to query their database and output custom results. WordPress does not have such a plugin. It would be worth a great deal to many people. I would be prepared to pay for such a plugin.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll make sure that the PayPal donate page is in English in the future (to be honest, I never understood that it was in Swedish for all users!).

      I’ll see if I can take a look at the Drupal Views feature. Probably don’t have the time or need for it right now.. but you never know 🙂

    2. Profilbild för Pär

      Ok, I’ve updated the donate page and I hope it’s in english now.

      Please try it out by donating 🙂

  81. […] By Pär Thernström | Visit plugin site […]

  82. Profilbild för Frederic


    Your plugin seems to be great, but I can’t make it work. As soon as I enable it, my website stops working and displays those two lines :

    Warning: require_once(includes/fn-general.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/38/d251675450/htdocs/functions.php on line 11

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’includes/fn-general.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5′) in /homepages/38/d251675450/htdocs/functions.php on line 11

    I don’t know what to do.

    Thank you.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having a problem. I do however don’t believe that error is caused by my plugin. The file ”fn-general.php” is not part of the plugin anyway. My guess is that it is another plugin that is the root of your problem. Try disabled all other plugins and see if you get the same error.

      1. Profilbild för Frederic


        I’ve tried, but the error is still there, even with the new version. I don’t understand at all..

        If I disable all the extensions, all works fine.
        If I enable all the extensions except yours, all works fine.
        If I enable only your extension, I’ve got the error.
        If I enable all the extensions, I’ve got the error.

  83. Profilbild för maykee

    I upgraded to the latest version of CMS Tree Page View (0.7.10) and now it doesn’t want to expand the 45 sub-pages under a parent page in a tree view. Other parent page i got has 36 sub-pages and there is no problem with viewing them. Oh, and I probably should mention that every of this 45 pages has 8 sub-pages. Can you help me out?

  84. Profilbild för joe

    Hi there,
    I ran into a little problem with your plugin. I am using WPML. I have 125 pages that are translated in 3 languages, when I move one page with CMS Tree Page View it looses the connection to the other translated pages, we have done extensive rearranging and then all the pages have lost their connction to each other …….

    best regards


    1. Profilbild för michael

      Hi, I have also same problem. Running WP 3.1 and WPML 2.1.1. Any news on this issue?

  85. […] Version 0.7.6 | By Pär Thernström | Visit plugin site […]

  86. Profilbild för Frank Torres

    @Dalton: How does one implement that helper plugin code you referenced? I tried copying your code into a file named ”cms-tree-page-view-helper.php” in the plugins folder. That allowed me to activate your plugin, but it doesn’t ”Replace the standard Edit page with the CMS Tree Page View.” And yes, I have the CMS Tree Page View plugin installed and running fine. WP 3.0.3.

  87. Profilbild för Frank Torres

    Hi Pär: Any word on correcting the error that happens with CMS Tree Page View and NextGen Gallery?

  88. Profilbild för Paul

    Hi, First, thanks very much for a really helpful plugin.
    Works perfectly and as expected. If you don’t mind though, may I
    suggest a minor tweak. It would be nice if there was a slight delay
    before the ’action’ box appears after mousing over a menu item.
    Often, I have to move the mouse completely off the menu in order to
    see what is under the ’actions’ box, and then bring the mouse back
    after (I hope that makes sense). Just to say again, really
    appreciate the plugin. Paul.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      That’s a good idea Paul. I’ll add it to my todo-list.

    2. Profilbild för Francis

      Do you know of a plugin that allows us to create a page tree like structure to organize the pages but without changing the URL path names? Is this possible to do inside of your plugin?

      I have been trying to get it to do this for a while now and cannot figure out a way to make it happen!

      1. Profilbild för eskapism

        I’m sorry, but I don’t know any plugin that can do that. :/

  89. Profilbild för greg

    great plug-in!

    have been using it for my static pages some time and it works just fine

    is it possible to use it for reordering posts?


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Posts are sorted by date, and this plugin only changes the page order, so it’s not possible.

  90. […] pried? skirt? daugiau turinio valdymo sistem? tipo svetain?ms nei tinklaraš?iams. ?sidieg? CMS Tree Page View pried? gal?site visus savo sukurtus puslapius matyti vienoje vietoje net su priklausomyb?mis […]

  91. Profilbild för Frank Torres

    Hi Pär:

    I see there’s a new version available (0.7.14) and am wondering if it deals with the two questions I’ve brought up above…


    1. CMS Tree Page View to replace the built-in page manager?

    In the WP forum link below, I detailed how I tweaked /cms-tree-page-view/functions.php to achieve this with the ”Admin Menu Editor” plugin. Was that tweak incorporated into the new version of your plugin? Or will I have to do it again?


    2. Does 0.7.14 correct the documented error that happens with CMS Tree Page View and NextGen Gallery?


    Again, great plugin. Very helpful indeed, thanks!

  92. Profilbild för David Tollefsen
    David Tollefsen

    This plugin is awesome – very impressed!
    Is there a way to disable the descriptive popup windows in the tree? I run into having to move my cursor out because some of the popup windows are large and block parts of the tree as I move down.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Not currently, but I understand your problem. I’ll see if I can come up with a solution in a future version.

  93. Profilbild för Henrik

    Hej Pär, awsome plugin!

    Is there a way of applying the same interface to other taxonomies (custom ones) behaving the same way as pages (hierarcical, etc)?

    Im not necesarily asking u to do it, just wondering if there are any technical obstacles in the wp architecture that might prevent it…

    What do say?

  94. Profilbild för himitsu

    I love it.

    It would be nice if at some point also could see directly to any page that has the visibility (public, password-protected or private) and whether comments and trackbacks and pingbacks are allowed.

  95. Profilbild för Jean

    I’d like to suggest that you add a ’duplicate’ function to the menu that appears when you mouse over a page title in the Tree View. I’ve worked on numerous sites where this would have saved me a considerable amount of time.

  96. Profilbild för Paul


    First of all – thanks for sharing your lovely plugin.

    One small debug issue – in development I have DEBUG turned on – but this ’breaks’ your plugin if errors are displayed in the browser – the ’PHP notice’ get’s output in a bad location in the code.

    Anyway, the notice says that the field …

    ”caller_get_posts” > 1

    … has been deprecated and should be replaced with …

    ”ignore_sticky_posts” => 1

    Once again, thanks.

  97. […] found a great solution to this problem. CMS Tree Page View is a plugin for WordPress that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often […]

  98. Profilbild för Jorge Figueroa
    Jorge Figueroa

    Is there any chance you could do another plugin to do something like this for the categories?

    1. Profilbild för Elliot

      That would be great – did you find anything in the end?

  99. […] For those that are using WordPress more as a CMS than a blog application then perhaps this plugin is for you, especially if you have tons of pages: CMS Tree View WordPress Plugin. […]

  100. Profilbild för Martin

    Hej Pär,

    I just got a request from a customer if I could install your Plugin into his WordPress site.
    I took a look at your plugin and would like to thank you as this does a good job for getting a better overview in any WP installation, that consists of more than 3 pages 🙂

    By the way, as you are Swedish, I have got a question for you. Do you know the Swedish name of the administrators group of Windows?
    The reason why I am asking is that I built a little DOS/Command batch-file that removes all of the non-latin fonts from a fresh Vista or Windows 7 almost automatically.
    I once got a request from a countryman of yours, and he had prbolems to run the script, because it needs the name of the administrators group. In German it’s ”Administratoren”, and in Swedish it must be something like ”Administratörer” or ”Administratører”. Unfortunately we were not able to get this accepted by the cmd-box window, probably because of the wrong ”ö/ø” character code.

    So if by any chance you have got the time and you do know how to treat this ”ö/ø” character in a Swedish Windows’ cmd-box, please let me know.

    Oh, I almost forgot the link to my post about how you can delete the non-latin fonts from Windows Visat/7 with my batch file:

    Best regards,

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  102. […] Tree Page View The CMS Tree Page View allows you to view your pages in a tree and rearrange them as you please. For websites with lots of […]

  103. Profilbild för Razvan Neagu


    Is there a way for the plugin to display the *Page Label* instead of the *Page Title*?

    For SEO purposes I have Page Title longer with keywords. For navigation purposes I like to display the shorter Page Label.

    The Nice Navigation plugin brilliantly displays the Page Label. I think it would be great for the CMS Tree Page View to do the same. Is this possible??

  104. […] * View and organize the pages easier to use in a tree * Available either in their own pages and on the dashboard * Edit pages directly from the tree * Add pages at any time on the tree * Drag and drop to rearrange your page * Find a page * All sides – including the private sector and the draft – page or only available to the public Home & Download: […]

  105. […] Top WordPress Plugins post back in October 2008. On some sites though, I’ve replaced it with CMS Tree Page View, which also has a great interface and was a bit easier to work with on sites with even more […]

  106. Profilbild för Suzana


    Supose I have 100 pages. And I want to rearange them into some folders. Tree folders. But without making them part of another page.

    Can I do that?

  107. […] Top WordPress Plugins post back in October 2008. On some sites though, I’ve replaced it with CMS Tree Page View, which also has a great interface and was a bit easier to work with on sites with even more […]

  108. Profilbild för Ivan

    Hi, is it possible that when I click on ”Open all” link, page refreshes automatically? I have a tree from 100 pages and it goes way bellow footer when somebody open all branches.

    How can I solve this? Thanks.

  109. […] post :     CMS Tree Page View – WordPress plugin | Random Bookmarks:S60 3rd edition software (Nokia […]

  110. Profilbild för John

    Is it possible to tweak the plugin so it will work for all hierarchical post types, not just pages?

  111. Profilbild för John

    Nevermind. I’m an idiot. I wasn’t looking for options under Settings…

  112. […] Top WordPress Plugins post back in October 2008. On some sites though, I’ve replaced it with CMS Tree Page View, which also has a great interface and was a bit easier to work with on sites with even more […]

  113. […] Top WordPress Plugins post back in October 2008. On some sites though, I’ve replaced it with CMS Tree Page View, which also has a great interface and was a bit easier to work with on sites with even more […]

  114. […] schwedische Programmierer hat mit CMS Tree Page View das geeignet Mittel geschaffen das ich suchte. Nun werden die Pages auch im Admin Bereich […]

  115. Profilbild för Solai Luke
    Solai Luke

    It is a really interesting publish! Thanks for this! Using all the best Luke aka couchgool.

  116. […] Tree Page View The CMS Tree Page View allows you to view your pages in a tree and rearrange them as you please. For websites with lots of […]

  117. […] CMS Tree Page View is a very useful WordPress plugin that adds AJAX tree overview of all your pages in WordPress administration area. Within this page tree you can edit pages, view pages, add pages, search pages, and drag and drop pages to rearrange the order. […]

  118. […] Top WordPress Plugins post back in October 2008. On some sites though, I’ve replaced it with CMS Tree Page View, which also has a great interface and was a bit easier to work with on sites with even more […]

  119. Profilbild för Sai

    CMS Tree Page View is very cool, but not support WordPress Network.

  120. Profilbild för Daniel

    Firstly, thanks for a fantastic plugin – absolutely indispensable! But in the latest upgrade (0.8.7), the view collapses right back down every time you leave the Pages Tree View and then return. This means you have to expand the tree every time you return, wasting several precious seconds. (I’ve justed tested this on my local test site.)

  121. Profilbild för Trent

    Can this plugin be used to display a tree on the sidebar for users to use as well? that would be good. thanks

  122. […] ?????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???.????? ?? ?????? CMS Tree Page View ?? ?? ?? ??? ????? […]

  123. […] Tree Page View, by Pär Thernström Where to find it: under the expanded “Pages” navigation menu as “Pages Tree […]

  124. Profilbild för Melcu

    CMS Page tree view – IS NOT WORKING.

    Is LOADING. and LOADING. and LOADING ! One hour, and nothing change. Can’t load my pages.

    What’s happen????

  125. Profilbild för Christian

    How can I state the page View expanded from start instead of collapsed?

    Thanks for a great plugin!


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      You can’t. But once you have expanded it, it should be expanded the next time you show the tree.

  126. Profilbild för Andrea


    Your plugin doesn’t work with Ultimatum theme: I’m quite sure this is a theme issue, but I’d like some feedback from you, so I can start nagging Ultimatum’s devs 😉

  127. […] 2. CMS Tree Page View – ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????????. ????  ???????????? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ?? ??????????, ??????????, ??????? ???? ????????. ????????? ????????? ?? ????????, ?????? ??? ????? ???? ????????. ?????????????? ?? ???????? ???? ? ???????? ???? ??????? ? ??????? (drag and drop). […]

  128. Profilbild för john

    Does this plugin change the URLs? We want to have a Tree View of our pages so we can find pages later, but we don’t want our URL of to change to

    Thanks, in advance, for the help.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Your urls may change, depending on how you arrange them. The plugin itself does not change the URLs, but if you move one page inside another page, then WordPress will change the URL. The plugin is just a ”shortcut” to WordPress own GUI.

  129. Profilbild för Vivienne

    I use this plugin in pretty much every site I make (so I’m a huge fan), but I’ve had some problems since the last two updates. With version 0.10.1 the ’add after’ and ’add inside’ links no longer worked correctly. The page was created, but the order and parent page were forgotten.
    I’ve recently upgraded to version 1.0, hoping that this would fix the problem but it has actually gotten worse. The ’add after’ and ’add inside’ links no longer work at all. The popup where you can enter the title of the new page never appears.
    I’ve replaced the latest version with an earlier one (0.8.14) that works great, but I’m hoping these problems can get resolved so I can once again be ’up to date’ AND enjoy the Tree View functionality.
    Kind regards,

    PS. I’m using Firefox 15 on Mac.

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      I released an update yesterday. Hopefully it fixes your problems. Let me know if it doesn’t…

  130. Profilbild för erid

    For some reason the search function does not work any more for me on the dashboard and under Pages > Tree View. Do you know what could be the issue?

    1. Profilbild för erid

      I have version 1.2.11 installed. It worked fine before, once I updated to the latest version the search function stopped working.

  131. Profilbild för cortvermin

    Not working on my Multi-Website Installation 🙁

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      you have to be a bit more specific that just ”not working”. Can you explain how it’s not working, on what browser, on what wordpress version and so on? Love to fix that if it’s a bug!

      1. Profilbild för Kris

        Is this ready to work with the latest version of WP? I installed it and can’t seem to get it to work… I can’t see the option of viewing in Tree mode.

  132. Profilbild för Becky

    You have a typo in your code on line 1128 of functions.php in version 1.2.12. You have it saying ”xsuppress_filters” where it should just say ”suppress_filters”. (I noticed because this actually caused something to break for me!)

  133. Profilbild för Piet

    Hi, it breaks the ACF plugin. Both latests version. But still great plugin! Thanks!

  134. Profilbild för

    Hey – love your work!!
    Any plans to be able to access Quick Edit settings – ie to be able to reassign author/tags etc??
    Or if it allows this already, how?

  135. Profilbild för ArtistikAdamy

    This plugin is fantastic! I’ve seen it used in other sites I admin. It was great if I’m logged in as admin, but it seems to break the pages basic lists for editors. This page is blank (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page) for editors.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

  136. Profilbild för Yann

    I like the plugin but it now breaks Advanced Custom Fields by adding tree view to the ACF menu. Just noticed with new install of WP3.8.1 (was OK with earlier one). Hope you can sort this. Causes a 404 for a non existent file in admin.

  137. Profilbild för nafur

    Great plugin!
    There is this css definition: .cms_tpv_wrapper { margin-right: 250px; }
    This produces ugly line breaks of the links above the tree in the dashboard… Is there any necessity for this definition?

  138. […] are lots of plugins to install to extend WordPress. Our favourites included Tree View (which made working with the pages much easier), a responsive Carousel, and HTML import (which I […]

  139. […] a tree-like hierarchy of the various technical documents. We found a WordPress plug-in called “CMS Tree Page View”. It is doing a great job organizing the pages in WordPress in a tree hierarchy. So, […]

  140. Profilbild för

    Great plugin. FYI – there’s an issue with sorting in page view on the latest version of WordPress – 3.9.

    1. Profilbild för

      I am having the same issue. I am trying to sort my pages in the tree, so it will be nice and orderly for my client, but it gets mixed up after ordering and then moving to another page in the admin. FRUSTRATION!

      1. Profilbild för Victoria DeFreese

        This is happening to me also. I can’t get the pages ordered. The drag and drop doesn’t always work ~ and then it goes back to being disorganized.

  141. Profilbild för Denis

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /h/contactjobsmartb/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/cms-tree-page-view/functions.php on line 1831

  142. Profilbild för leslieg2013

    I can’t seem to make this work on multisite install. Works for main site but not for any other site.

  143. Profilbild för Darren Sumner

    Fantastic plugin, which has been working great for years. With the latest update and WP 3.9.1, the menu at Pages > Tree View now fails to load. Only ”Loading tree” is displayed. Oddly enough, the tree still loads on the Dashboard just fine.

  144. Profilbild för Stephan Tunn

    great work – i recommend this to everyboy who uses worpress – especially on sites with nested structures and lot’s of pages. This extrem usefull plugin makes maintaining a site extremly easier and make work more fun. Thank’s a lot

  145. Profilbild för pauldub

    hey, I’d love to use your plugin but all it shows is an alphabetical list of the pages / posts (on both the dashboard and the dedicated pages). Running WP 4.0.

    Any ideas…? should i try switching off other plugins or changing themes or something?


  146. Profilbild för rpch2014

    I am lost. plugin works fine from admin view, but how can I add the same tree view for user to view. Any hint? Is this possible? Your answer would by of help to your potential clients. Thank you

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      This plugin is only meant to be used by logged in users, not for public users.

  147. Profilbild för willyurman

    Hi, I’ve been using and loving the plugin for a few years, thank you. Since upgrading to 4.1 I’ve been having intermittent problems where within the tree, subfolders disappear and then I’ll be kicked off the site and forced to log in again. It looks to be a conflict with the plugin and 4.1. Is anyone else experiencing the problem? thanks!

  148. Profilbild för Sean B Bliss (@SeanBeBliss)

    Hey, I installed this the other day and loved it. But now, for some unknown reason I’m noticing that the menu button for it only shown up on my primary site and one child site. Nothing was changed since install, I had been using it on the child site that it does work on. But now that I’m on a different site in my multisite network it does not show up at all.

    Also the ”Settings” button doesn’t work either. /wp-admin/network/options-general.php?page=cms-tpv-options it goes to a page not found screen.

    Can you please help me get this working on the other child sites?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I do not think it is a plugin conflict because one of the child site that it does not work on has no plugins active except the same ones that are active network wide (including the two sites the plugin is working on).

    Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  149. Profilbild för Eric

    Hey Pär,

    Great plugin. In fact, you might consider doing a premium (paid) version. I’d gladly buy a premium version to have these features:

    – > Page > Edit OR > View … opening in a new tab. Since I’m constantly going back to CMS Tree Page View to find my way around my huge site, using this feature for opening pages would save a lot of time. I’d leave CMS Tree Page View open all the time and navigate my entire site from there.
    – Tree view of Product pages, by category. I have so many categories and products that the current flat CMS Page Tree View presentation isn’t very useful.
    – Media library by category. Same thing. Sooo many images… it would be great to see them in a tree directory. I’d make my directory mimic my page tree. Super helpful.

    Again, these are productivity tools I’d pay for.

    As it is CMS Page Tree View is a very good plugin. Thanks for that.


  150. Profilbild för Suzanne Carter

    Hi! We are quite happy with this plugin but need a solution for multi-site installs. What we’re needing specifically is a way to set the settings for all subsites within a network. It’s available to all the subsites, but has to be configured manually, which is unwieldy for our 3000+ sites.

    Would you consider adding a way to set the settings for all subsites at the network or main site level?

  151. Profilbild för Nannette

    This is a great plugin for pages. You do mention that it works for posts too. How do I make that work? I don’t see the option.

    1. Profilbild för Nannette

      I found the solution in one of your older posts.
      Thank you! This plugin is awesome. 🙂

  152. Profilbild för Petras Pauli?nas


    Plugin is great, I offer some suggestions in to make easy life for WPML other languages such as arabic(or other hard language chinese). I dont know arabic, but I made some improvements to script to show me (EN: version translation) next to original language.
    Here is my peace of code in functions.php 1485 line:

    $str_columns = json_encode($str_columns);
    if (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE != ’en’) {
    $original_ID = icl_object_id( $onePage->ID, ’any’, false, ’en’ );
    $original_title = get_the_title( $original_ID );
    $en_translation = ’ (EN: ’.$original_title.’)’;
    $en_translation = ”;
    "data": {
    "title": <?php echo json_encode($title.$en_translation) ?>,

  153. Profilbild för Coder

    I need to add this line to styles.css file each time when new version comes:

    #dashboard-widgets-wrap {
    /* Fix window not visible at the end */
    overflow: visible;

    Can you include it in the source please?

  154. Profilbild för Francis Van de Beuken

    Recently we have used this on a few different sites and love the functionality but is there a way to make it kill the breadcrumbs as you publish pages?

  155. Profilbild för Piotrek

    hallo 🙂

    where exactly insert this code:

    // Example using query_posts
    $args = array(
    ’post_type’ => ’page’,
    ’orderby’=> ’menu_order’,
    $posts = query_posts($args);

    // Example using wp_query
    $args = array(
    ’post_type’ => ’page’,
    ’orderby’ => ’menu_order’,
    ’order’ => ’ASC’,
    $query = new WP_Query( $args );


  156. Profilbild för toggenburger

    Seems like this plug-in is not under further development? What has to be done to get it updated? ?

  157. Profilbild för scotgiambalvo

    @Pär Thernström, I have a suggestion for the Plug-In. I would like to add a virtual folder to the tree, under which I can then group posts. Right now, I have to create an EMPTY post to make a ”tree” under it. Does that make sense?

  158. […] You can find out more information about the CMS Tree Page View plugin by visiting the author’s website. […]