SaveAndBackup Coda plugin

Your backup folder will look something like this.

This is a plugin for the Coda editor on OS X. The purpose of the plugin is to make sure you always have a backup of the files you edit.

Each time the plugin is executed a backup of the file being edited is saved in /<local-root-for-site>/coda_backups/2010-04-01/ or in /users/username/coda_backups/2010-04-01/ if you don’t have a local root set.

It’s like a local history for your files. If something goes bananas: just check your local backup folder.



  • Select Plug-ins > Save and backup
  • ..or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+S

Now check your home folder. It should contain a folder called "coda_backups" with all your backups.

Use Cmd+S to run plugin

You can change the default keyboard shortcut by using the ”Keyboard Preference Pane” (in System Preferences). Go there, click the plus-sign and enter the following information:

Screenshot showing detail of Keyboard Preference Pane

After doing this you should be able to use Cmd+S to run this plugin, resulting in lots and lots of backups! 😉


If you get an error similar to this:

No such file or directory at /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Coda/Plug-ins/saveAndBackup.codaplugin/Contents/Resources/06C6E0F7-5954-493E-B0B5-49321D712980/local-backup line 63, <STDIN> line 73.

then open finder and go to your home directory and create a folder called ”coda_backups” there. Now try again and it should work.


These are my thoughts. Contact me if you have an idea!

  • It would be nice to have this plugin mapped to the usual Save/Cmd+S but I don’t think this is possible yet. Hopefully in the future…
  • There will be a lot of files in the backup folder. Maybe a limit there…
  • A folder for each site would be nice too. Don’t think this is possible yet either. Kinda working now!


November 20, 2009
Files are now saved to folders based on date. Thanks to Bobbie Stump for contributing code for this.
If a site has a local root set, files are saved to that folder.
September 24, 2009
Added note on how to get Cmd+S working as the keyboard shortcut. See above.
April 15, 2009
First version. Seems to work.


17 svar till ”SaveAndBackup Coda plugin”

  1. Profilbild för ben

    Hello – Thanks for dev this – I’ve been looking for this kind of thing!

    But I keep running into this error:

    No such file or directory at /Users/anachronistic/Library/Application Support/Coda/Plug-ins/saveAndBackup.codaplugin/Contents/Resources/06C6E0F7-5954-493E-B0B5-49321D788990/local-backup line 63, line 52.

    anything I can do about this?

    will your site email me if you respond?

    all the best, ben

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Can you check if your ”local root” is set correctly in Coda for that site? Some others have reported this and I think that was the problem for them.

  2. Profilbild för robert

    Still get the same message as ben, can not set the local root, defaults to
    ”/Users” whenever I click to save the changes made in the Site preferences dialoque

    Uninstalling Your plugin, sorry!

    1. Profilbild för Dario

      Just create a folder in your home directory called coda_backups that fixes the issue.

  3. Profilbild för MisterChibi

    Awesome feature !
    Thank you ! 😀

  4. […] Save and Backup, l’un des plus utile pour être sûr de ne perdre aucun fichier, en effet en reconfigurant les raccourcis clavier, il permet de faire par exemple un backup à chaque enregistrement de fichier. […]

  5. Profilbild för Grégoire Noyelle

    Hello Pär
    Thanks a lot for your plugin. Great great tool

  6. Profilbild för N

    I am having the same issues as the above posters…any idea?

  7. Profilbild för Clay

    I am having problems with this plugin with the latest version of Coda (1.7.5) and Lion (10.7.2). It isn’t saving the file to the server when you use undo, don’t type anything and then save with your plugin. To replicate follow these steps…

    1. Open a file via FTP.
    2. Change the file and save.
    3. View in your browser…the changes are on the server.
    4. Undo (Cmd-Z) your change.
    5. Save via the plugin.
    6. View in your browser…the changes are NOT on the server.

    I love this plugin and it has saved me more than a few times. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Profilbild för Jan

    I have also some problems to save. What is meaning with “home directory”?
    Is it the directory of my website lacally or did you mean the user home?


  9. Profilbild för Simon

    Hello Pär

    Thanks a lot for your plugin. One of my favourite piece-of-mind tools.

    Do you think you will update it for Code 2?

    I will surely miss it if not.

    Let me know where I can make a donation;)


    1. Profilbild för Pär

      @simon: yes, I have plans to make it work with Coda 2.

      If you want to donate you can do that here:


      1. Profilbild för Big_Berny

        It would be great if we could change the backup-path. If possible in the GUI but also manually with a settings-file would be cool.

        I for example would like to save the backups in my Dropbox. Because like that all backups are really safe and could be restored – also if I delete the backup files by accident.

        Thanks for your work by the way. 🙂 I just donated something.

        1. Profilbild för Pär Thernström
          Pär Thernström

          Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll see what I can do about it 🙂

  10. Profilbild för tedr (@tedr)

    Great stuff. Thx!

  11. Profilbild för

    Don’t work anymore ?

  12. Profilbild för Nick Eagle

    Coda plugin is really helpful, Thank you for the installation process.