Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer

Download v0.2
(37 KB, updated January 8, 2005)

You need to have Java installed to run this program. You can download Java here.

Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer reads the log file (pfirewall.log) that the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) in Windows XP generates.

With Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer you can:

  • view the log
  • sort the log
  • filter the log
  • view statistics

The program is free to use.


Source code

You can now download the Java source code for Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer . Feel free to modify this program, but always notify me if you release a new version and keep my name in the read me and in the about-box in the program.

What’s new

  1. February 15, 2005
  2. January 10, 2005
    • Fixed wrong download link
    • Now also works with Java 1.4
  3. January 8, 2005
    • New version (0.2)
    • Support for SP2 (sorry it took so long …)
    • Minor fixes
  4. December 18, 2004
    • Moved the homepage to another server, to get rid of pop-ups and banners.
    • Redesigned the page.
    • No change in program code. Sorry…
    • Source code in Java will be available soon


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  1. […] i HTML så ändrar jag dom nu direkt i WordPress istället. Inte för att det lär göra att Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer från 2005 blir särskilt oftare uppdaterad. Men ändå.En stor och bra nyhet har jag dock på programfronten: […]

  2. Profilbild för Mike

    Hello Pär,

    Thanks for this tool.

    Could it be possible that you will adapt the tool for Windows 7?
    I guess only the default path to the logfile and may the name has to be changed…

    It woul be very helpfull.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Profilbild för Pär

      Sorry, I haven’t worked on the plugin for several years, so I really don’t remember how it works :/

      However, the source code is a available, so perhaps someone will/can do the changes and create a new version..

  3. Profilbild för Ax